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After eating and drinking, Fang Xian continued on the road.

He rode a thin horse and was going all the way westward to the highest point of the mountain where the peak almost reaches the sky.

On the side of the road, there were already a few people waiting.

“Junior Shi Kong, Zhang He…we greet the senior!” These were the two young warriors who were about to duel because of a little quarrel.

In addition, the pair of grandfathers and grandsons are also there: “Old Leijiu, bring grandson Lei Xiaohu to meet the hero! Thank you hero for your honesty and bluntness before!”

The old man hurriedly asked his grandson Lei Xiaohu to give a big greeting, apparently also a ‘person with resolutions’.

”I was doing it casually, don’t thank me…you should go!”

Fang Xian waved his hand, knowing that these people are here to ‘make a fated connection.

After all, he is strong.

Moreover, when he shot in the inn, he obviously had a good heart, and even if he failed, he would not be punished.

Otherwise, if he is a murderer, these people are guaranteed to run faster than anyone else.

He didn’t have the hobby of being a grandfather, so he just clipped his legs and let the old horse continue on the road.

”Wait, senior… This grandson of mine has extraordinary roots, and when he was born, he even dreamed of a white tiger… Some experts say that he was born from a constellation in the sky, and he will do something in the future…”

The old man was a little anxious and said quickly.

”Ha ha……”

Fang Xian laughed loudly: “My generation of warriors, do not believe in fate… When you said this, you fell from grace…”

Originally, he was still a little interested in his little fans, but now he finds it boring.

Take the highest peak of the mountain, known as Tianfeng.

This is the highest peak in the Hengduan Mountains and is inaccessible.

On this day, it finally ushered in a challenger.

Fang Xian was wearing a thick leather coat with a black spot like an ant and kept climbing along the mountain.

One thousand, two thousand, three thousand…

I don’t know when it started, the surrounding area has been covered with ice and snow, and there is a magnificent and spectacular ice tower forest.


The wind is blowing, and it can almost blow people up.

That seemingly hard layer of ice may shatter at any time, turning into a life-devouring devil’s crevice.

But none of this stopped Fang Xian.

He kept climbing up.

The air was gradually thinning, and it felt like a burden.

Fang Xian’s body circulates the true energy, and while keeping warm in the cold, he turns the external breathing into the internal breathing, trying his best to reduce the wear and tear.

”This mountain is probably more than eight kilometers long, maybe nine kilometers, ten thousand meters”

”But nothing can stop me!”

He murmured and climbed another ice peak.

Suddenly, the field of vision widened.

Only then did Fang Xian realize that the entire Jietian Peak had already been trampled under his feet!

”The mountain is the peak and I am the peak, haha…”

He laughed heartily, and his voice shook the world.

Clap la la, a snow line fell, and a huge wave of ice and snow swept through like a tide in Qiantang, forming a huge avalanche.


Fang Xian couldn’t help but murmur, feeling that in such a strongly oppressive environment, his Primordial Qi had been deeply cultivated, and coupled with the change in his state of mind, a breakthrough was naturally formed.

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[Hunyuan True Qi: Big Success]

A master-level martial artist is a master of true energy, coupled with skilled martial arts moves, and old-fashioned combat experience.

Now, on top of his true energy savings, Fang Xian is no longer inferior to the older generation of warriors.

He opened his eyes and found that it was night.

At the top of the mountain, thousands of clouds rolled and circled under his feet, the sky above his head, and the stars around the sky seemed to be centered on him, constantly spinning.

”This situation and this scene… I really never dreamed of it before…”

Fang Xian watched greedily, wanting to record all this in his heart.

”Master’s true energy, master’s state of mind, at this time, I will practice the third level of the ‘Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger ‘, it should be a matter of course, right”

He muttered to himself and stood up abruptly.

”Thinking of the White Tiger Star in the Heavenly Palace, the light of the Seven Killing Stars has entered my body, hurried as a law!”

Meditate on the white tiger, visualize the stars, catch the light…

Fang Xian’s spirit suddenly entered a mysterious realm.

The great master’s unity of man and nature is to learn from the natural way, and to achieve supernatural powers!

Suddenly, he felt a little coolness in the Baihui acupoint above his head, as if some gate had been opened, allowing a little bit of cold breath to permeate his mind.

”it is good!”

Fang Xian was overjoyed: “As long as I persevere, I can completely practice the third level of the ‘Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger’, the advanced master realm!”


Suddenly, he felt something was wrong again.

A secret book that he had forgotten for a long time appeared in his memory.

It’s the “Mysterious Cavern’s Secret Record Transcript”!

The strange words on it suddenly became a little more understandable.

Zzzt zzt!

A strange sound entered Fang Xian’s ears, like the sound of a celestial body.

That’s the stars, that’s the light, that’s everything!


Fang Xian’s face was distorted: “This is… the way of the grandmaster Heaven and man are united Or is the world going to pollute me”

He felt that his spirit was infinitely elevated as if to merge with this world.

But the world is unkind!

That kind of chaos, indifference, terror… at the same time poured into Fang Xian’s mind.

”There is great terror between heaven and earth!”

As soon as he thought about it, the starlight that he was attracting seemed to have mutated, with a little strange color, all over Fang Xian’s body.

The next day, early in the morning.

Near the sky peak.

A figure covered in frost suddenly moved.


The frost on its body cracked open and scattered all over the ground, revealing Fang Xian’s figure.

”It seems that the fate with the previous world cannot be completely cut off…”

He looked at his hands and muttered to himself, recalling what had happened last night.

Originally, Fang Xian planned to practice the third level of ‘Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger’ step by step.

However, with the breakthrough as an opportunity, coupled with environmental factors, when he recalled the “Mysterious Cavern’s Secret Record Transcript”, he had an inspiration and understood a little bit of its meaning.

That is not what the text language can describe, but a kind of ‘mood information’!

With the help of this insight, he entered the realm of the Great Master’s ‘Heaven and Human Unity’, and directly entered the third floor of the ‘White Tiger Seven Killing Fist’.

The harvest is huge and unparalleled.

But there was not much joy on Fang Xian’s face.

”Why did I suddenly realize it Could it be that the giant eye exists and can transmit its own ‘radio waves’ to different multiverses What kind of realm is that”

Anyway, Fang Xian knew something, that giant eye was definitely the strongest he had seen and heard!

”But it’s a world apart, isn’t it Wait… This radio wave theory is also a random guess by me.

Maybe the truth is not like that…”

Fang Xian thought quickly: “The “Mysterious Cavern’s Secret Recording Transcript” must be related to the giant eye, there is no doubt about it, but I may not have been influenced by the giant eye, otherwise I should have gone crazy… It should be after I became a master, to the threshold of forcibly reading the secret records.

In this case…”

He was agitated.

Being able to get rid of external pollution and interference, and truly read and understand the “Mysterious Cavern’s Secret Recording Transcript”, may allow him to embark on an extremely terrifying road!


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