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Fang Xian was too lazy to pay attention to his fame in the martial arts world.

What he cared about was the spoils of war he got after killing Nie Yinlong with the information of Golden Wind Drizzle Building, and sweeping up the sub-rudder of Star Picking Tower again and again.

The size of two palms, a dark golden afterimage appeared in his hand.

Above, there are dense texts, moves, and various meditation techniques.

If you add the remnant map of the white tiger in his hand, it will just form a completely innate unique skill – “Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger”!

”It seems… that this boxing method was divided into three parts, two of which fell into the hands of Star Picking Tower, and the other part was somehow hidden in an ordinary internal training method which I have coincidentally found…”

Fang Xian nodded and re-understood this complete innate skill.

The first two levels of ‘Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger’ were similar to what he had learned before, except that there were a few more skills and moves.

What really moved him was the content of the third level.

”The first level of ‘Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger’ is being possessed by a white tiger, the second level is acupoints, and when it reaches the third level, the starlight enters the body, borrowing the power of heaven and earth, so that every move can carry the spirit of heaven and earth in every move.

This is the realm of the great master of the unity of heaven and man!”

”Starlight This kind of thing really exists, can it be absorbed into the body”

Fang Xian felt something was wrong: “If it’s true, then it’s out of the category of martial arts, it’s supernatural powers and spells…”

He walked out of the cave where he was temporarily sheltered and came to the outside world.

At this time, it was night, bathed in the splendor of stars, Fang Xian suddenly took a stance and practiced his fist techniques under the moonlight.


Now, between his movements, his moves are turning like a big white tiger.

”Thinking of the White Tiger Star in the Heavenly Palace, the light of the Seven Killing Stars has entered my body, hurried as a law!”

Fang Xian’s spirit diverged, and the whole person was like a madman, in a trance.

The night passed and nothing happened…

”This third level, could it be fake”

He took out the ‘White Tiger Seven Killing Fist’ and shook his head secretly: “Sure enough… the realm of a great master is not so easy to achieve…”

However, Fang Xian still has a cheat.

With the thought of a move, a large amount of Hunyuan True Qi poured into the attribute column.

A layer of martial arts perception emerged.


Fang Xian’s whole body was shocked: “To receive the starlight into the body from a distance requires strong mental will and state of mind support, and also has requirements for the true qi cultivation base… Now I am still lacking a lot…”

”Today, the most important thing for me is to keep fighting and traveling, to make the Innate True Qi perfect, and at the same time to accommodate the forces of heaven and earth into my heart, when the time comes… everything will be a matter of course.”

The martial arts perception in the attribute column does not make him directly cultivate martial arts but clearly understands the way forward.

”Just taking this opportunity to travel the world and see different scenery…”

This is what he wanted to do before.

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At the same time, walking out of the Daqing Mountain, everything that he saw and heard laid itself properly in front of Fang Xian’s eyes.

The conflict of the martial arts, the trap of the martial arts conference, the betrayal of the golden knife…

”Jianghu, this is Jianghu… It’s not the beauty imagined by the hot-blooded youth, but it is full of dirty blood, like a quagmire… Any martial artist who falls into it, will not be able to get out…”

”The world is like a tide of people like water, just sighing how many people will come back from jianghu”

Great Morocco.

This country is located to the west of Yuanwu State, and further west, you can reach the ‘Hengjue Mountains’, where the highest peak on the mainland, ‘Jietian Peak’ is located.

In the west wind of the ancient road.

Fang Xian rode a thin horse and came to a post station on the side of the foreigner businessman.

Fang Xian was not surprised by this, bought wine and meat, and listened to some news while eating.

It has been a few years since he traveled the world.

He once went boating in the East China Sea and faced off against many overseas masters.

He also went deep into the south, fighting ferocious beasts in the rainforest, and went further north to the snowy plains, wanting to see the extremes of heaven and earth.

Now, there is still one last goal, and that is to climb the highest mountain!

’Climb the highest mountain, see the most beautiful scenery, be as free as the wind…’

At this time, although he was sloppy, his face full of beard stubbles, he was in a better state than ever before.

”Yuanwu Kingdom… martial art exams…”

At this time, some vague conversations caught Fang Xian’s attention.

It was a table in the southwest corner.

A pair of grandfathers and grandchildren sat together with other guests, chatting from time to time.

”Since the implementation of the new law in Yuanwu Kingdom, the blood fighting among domestic martial artists has been decreasing daily, which is a good thing… This little old man is going to take his grandson with him, hoping to enter the martial arts school and take martial arts exams in the future…”

The grandfather looked at his grandson next to him with a doting face and said with emotion.

”Hey…then you’re going to be disappointed!”

Another warrior shook his head: “Now in Yuanwu, the ‘Zhongzheng Official’ responsible for evaluating the ninth-rank warriors is controlled by aristocratic families and major sects.

Ordinary unaffiliated warriors, if they are not the lackeys of the aristocratic sect, can’t stand out at all.”

”What” The old man’s expression changed: “This… The little old man back in his hometown has never heard of this…”

”Furthermore, in recent years, there has been a bloody storm in Yuanwu.

It’s just that outsiders don’t know about it.

Even the Golden Wind Drizzle Tower, which has always been neutral, has been exiled from the country.

According to rumors, they have come to Morocco Country, after all, the business here has developed…”

The warrior sighed again.

”The great master Chu Madman, Nie Yinlong, one of the two dragons, and Yuan Dingtian, the master of the six sects, Yuan Zongshi… Are there still a few top masters who have died in the Yuanwu Kingdom these years”

A person next to him sighed: “However, in such a chaotic situation, there are new stars emerging… For example, the ‘White Tiger Star Lord’, it is said that he was less than 20 years old, and he was already able to kill the master and become the best martial artist in the world.”

The old man was interested: “My house’s Xiao Hu likes that senior the most.”

”Haha… How many White Tiger Star Lords are there in this huge jianghu On the contrary, there are countless warriors who died on the side of the road and no one collected their bodies… Moreover, the White Tiger Star Lord has disappeared since he killed Nie Yinlong, and he may already be dead…”

A young warrior suddenly sneered.

”What How dare you curse the senior I admire” Another young man wearing gloves roared: “I will never let you go with my iron fist.”

”Huh You think I’m afraid of you”

The young warrior who spoke was holding a short spear, and the spearhead was connected, like a hundred birds chasing a phoenix.

In an instant, the inn was in chaos, and many people were running around.

Fighting against warriors and accidentally hurting others is not a joke.

But after the two warriors made a move, their figures remained motionless.

If you get closer, you can also see the big cold sweat on their foreheads.

”If you want to fight out, don’t do it here, it’s not good to accidentally hurt others.”

Fang Xian put down the wine bowl and said.

He was using the power of his mind just now, released his aura slightly, and suppressed the two little guys for a while, but he did not expect the effect to be surprisingly good.


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