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“I don’t care if you are coerced or lured, anyway, it has nothing to do with me… But the person who contacted you was Nie Yinlong, right”

Fang Xian blew the blade of the machete: “Tell me, how did you get in touch”

“After telling you, can you let the old man go”

Lu Kunwu’s expression suddenly changed, no longer light, but grim.

“I can let you die happily, or spare the lives of your entire family outside…”

Fang Xian’s eyes became cold: “After all, Chu Madman treated me well, I still have to do something for him.”

“Haha…I tell you, I tell you everything.”

Lu Kunwu suddenly laughed: “Anyway, you and Nie Yinlong are not good people, no matter who dies, the old man is very happy!”

”Very good, I like your awareness!”

Fang Xian nodded in satisfaction.

A few days later, a big city.

In the city, before a mansion.

”Da Yin is hidden in the city”

Fang Xian let out a laugh, his figure flashed, and he directly climbed over the wall and entered the house.

This is a mansion of a wealthy businessman, with pavilions and lofts, with picturesque scenery.

In the garden, there is a family of four, a couple with twelve or thirteen-year-old children, enjoying themselves happily.

”Who How dare you trespass the house”

When the guards around saw Fang Xian swaggering over, they immediately drew their swords and roared.

”Get lost!”

Fang Xian exhaled, and as soon as he drank, the swords in their hands fell to the ground, losing all resistance.

He stepped out one step at a time, shrinking into an inch, and leaping towards the family.

”White Tiger Star Lord!”

A middle-aged housekeeper’s face changed and he blurted out.

”Haha… How do ordinary people know about Jianghu affairs”

Fang Xian laughed and reached out to grab the butler.

In the eyes of the other party, this palm is constantly enlarged, like a giant palm, casting a large shadow.

”You are in jianghu, Star Picking Tower, hand your life over, kill!”

In an instant, the butler’s expression changed, his bones exploded, blood spilled from his pores, he wiped his right hand from his waist, a soft sword appeared in his hand, and a sword stabbed out, acting like a dragon.

He turned out to be an unstoppable and good swordsman.

At the same time, the maids and mothers who were serving around, the servants cleaning the roadside, the flower farmer who was pruning the flowerbed… All seemingly ordinary people burst out with terrible power, and they all pounced at Fang Xian with their ultimate moves.

In their hands, whether it is scissors, brooms, or even their own bodies, they have become lethal weapons, which can be used to perform all kinds of unimaginable killing methods.


The next moment, a tiger roar came from the encircled center.

Fang Xian put his five fingers together and instantly threw out seven punches.

—Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger!

Seven kills are coming, invincible!

The blood mist exploded, and many killers died horribly.

Although they are proficient in various killing techniques and explosive skills, Fang Xian is faster, more ruthless, and more extreme than them when it comes to outbreaks!


The guard commander, who was frightened at first glanced at the other guards, felt like he was dreaming.

”Isn’t this the ‘Wu family’ the salt merchants We have been serving here for decades, why don’t we know that there are so many masters hidden in the family…”

A guard said in a daze.

”That old man Qin, the flower farmer, I have bullied him before.

He has a personality like a sticky candy bag.

It turns out that he is so murderous without blinking… and Xiao Tao…”

The other guard kept sweating down his forehead, almost dumbfounded.

Living with a group of ‘actors’ for so long gives them a strong sense of unreality.

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The guard commander gritted his teeth: “I’ve heard long ago that the killer in this building has the ability to disguise himself, and he can mix the fake with the real.

The Wu family has been passed down locally for several generations, and there should be no problem, but many people have unknowingly been replaced… Let’s go! “

Fang Xian was too lazy to care about these deceived guys and slaughtered them before the family of four.

At this time, the wife and her husband looked at each other and fled directly, ignoring the two little guys who were left behind.


Originally a golden boy and a beautiful girl, the young masters and young ladies in the mansion who were like pearls in the palm of your hand, were directly scared to cry at this time.

A strange color flashed in Fang Xian’s eyes, and instead of chasing the escaped couple, he suddenly turned back, the seven acupoints on his body exploded, and the violent infuriating qi roamed his body.

The Seven Tigers Exterminate the World!

Tiger-shaped Inspecting Claws!

The target was the teenage boy who was crying!

Almost in the blink of an eye, the little boy’s bones exploded, and he kept growing up, turning into a high-spirited man.

At this time, the hands are like lotus-like knots, blocking the front.


After a loud noise, the figure of the big man flew out and hit the wall, causing the blue bricks to crack, and dust and sand all around.

”Impossible, how did you find me”

He asked in a hoarse voice, it was actually the owner of Star Zhan, Nie Yinlong!

”Being able to practice the Bone Shrinking Technique and the Breath Conditioning Technique to such a degree, maybe even the Great Master might not be able to detect you, but it’s a pity that you met me!”

Fang Xian said calmly.

Under his [Eye of Mysterious Caverns], all mysterious powers cannot be hidden at all.

And the true qi of this world is also a supernatural force!


Nie Yinlong bled from his nose and mouth, and made a broken voice: “If I hadn’t been injured, you wouldn’t be able to kill me at all…”

”There’s no what if in this world… let alone, what kind of fairness do you expect for someone who doesn’t have a conscience”

Fang Xian glanced at another little girl who seemed to be frightened. 

She is indeed an ordinary person, an ordinary girl, but today’s change is too terrifying.

The surrounding maids, servants, and even parents have become strangers, and the elder brother has changed his body and directly became the lord of the Star Picking Building!

Obviously, her real parents and real brother have been ‘disposed’, and she has been living with a group of strangers since no one knows when.

This is no longer jianghu, but the category of ghost stories!

”Heh…it’s the family’s… honor to be able to be considered by me…”

Nie Yinlong’s voice became intermittent: “You…why… have to kill me”

”For the sake of martial arts…haha, of course this is a lie, probably my heart is willing to do so.” Fang Xian laughed: “Also…you pretend to be like this, in fact, you still have the strength to fight, the true energy in your body.

Ready to explode at any time, are you ready to trap your enemy”

Nie Yinlong suddenly felt horrified.

The pair of eyes of the other party was so terrifying that they seemed to see through everything about him.

It didn’t take long for a cloud of black smoke to ignite in Wu’s house, attracting a large number of pedestrians and officials.

After knowing that there were martial artists fighting here, many officials directly blew their lungs with anger.

After all, the court had just issued a ban, and there were martial artists who knew the law and violated the law, which was tantamount to slapping their faces.

It was only as the investigation gradually deepened and subsided strangely, and finally, the case was closed hastily, and the inside story was kept secret.

On jianghu, news exploded and spread more and more widely.

The White Tiger Star Lord Fang Xian killed Nie Yinlong, the owner of Star Picking Building, and single handedly destroyed the whole sect!

For a time, the name of Fang Xian, who has been in the limelight since the martial arts conference, directly resounded on the mainland. 


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