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Chapter 3 - The crossing over

Daqing Mountain.

A long slender figure shifted past in the jungle.

He arrived in front of a cold pond, suddenly stood still, and began to practice a set of boxing techniques.

“The black tiger splits open the mountain!” (technique)

“Fierce tiger leap!” (technique)

“The white tiger prances” (technique)

The young man had very strong muscles and his every move exuded acute energy.

There seemed to be a subtle sound of tigers roaring as he executed his techniques.

After some time, the young man slowly relaxed his clenched fists.

He glanced at the reflection in the pond and muttered to himself:

“This is unexpected… Somehow I could live a third lifetime!”

Fangxian puffed a long sigh: “In this lifetime, I refuse to accept inferiority.

I want to witness greater heights! I want to be the true master of my own fate!”

It is difficult to change a person's personality.

However, after the previous life experiences, change was bound to happen.

“I just didn’t expect that I would land in a world in the ancient times, and I seem to be a very gifted martial artist!”

The Yuanwu Kingdom, Yaofeng county, Daqing mountain!

Fangxian had learned about the place he was years after his reincarnation.

Moreover, the existence of martial arts in this world meant that strength dictated one’s power.

Even in the most ordinary villages, there were a few scattered techniques which are passed down.

“Martial arts cultivation, it was to physically strengthen one’s body and internally strengthen one’s Chi!”

"Only when you fully developed internal Chi can you be a true powerhouse.

You will be treated with respect no matter where you go… Unfortunately, those internally bequeathed martial arts techniques are uncommon.

I only learned the ordinary " Fierce Tiger Fists" external skill…"

Fang Xian's eyes quivered and words in fluorescence were presented in front of him:

【Natural gift:Eye of the Mysterious Caverns】

【Fierce Tiger Fists: Sixth stage】

“Fierce Tiger Fists is a common technique.

Legend has it that it was plausible to develop internal Chi based on purely physical strength when one has attained peak elite levels of that skill.

However, there were barely a few who had succeeded before… And this attributes panel only seems to display its direction of use...”

Fangxian had a depressing complexion.

He had been seeking a ‘cheat key’ for sixteen years already.

In the end, he only had marginal achievements.

”What’s more, before this, without the【Eye of the Mysterious Caverns】, I wouldn’t even be able to see this…”

Fangxian guessed that his true ‘cheat key’ was the mutant ability to reincarnate, as well as the attributes panel!

The so-called 【Eye of the Mysterious Caverns】 was actually a result brought by “The Secret Transcript of the Mysterious Caverns”, which he had touched before.

It was because of those eyes that he was able to see the extraordinary.

He had witnessed mysteries and his own attributes panel.

Else, god knows how long he would have remained ignorant.

Only those with an all-seeing eye were able to witness the mysteries!

Unfortunately, he could no longer study “The Secret Transcript of the Mysterious Caverns”.

But it was much better to avoid such peculiar items…”

While recalling everything since the beginning, Fangxian’s expression started to shift.

When he was chanting the language for the sacrificial ritual, cursing his enemies’ doom, he felt his soul seemed to have bonded with an entity out there.

The madness and chaos… just thinking about was enough for him to break out in cold sweat profusely.

"Most of the content in that secret record was influence people to get involved with the existence of some entity, and thus gradually becoming 'inhuman'.

In the end, they may sacrifice just about everything… He considered himself lucky, that he had only sacrificed his flesh, blood, and vitality.

He didn’t sacrifice my soul because of the possibility of ‘traveling’.

Otherwise, it’s really hard to say whether he could still live a third life again...

Fangxian’s face was written with horror from the aftershock.

After being reborn, the ‘connection’ with that entity seems to be broken.

Whenever he tried to recall the contents in the manuscript, there is only garbled content.

He could only recall the title,【Eye of the Mysterious Caverns】, which had solidified as a natural talent, which is a blessing in disguise, and it is barely retained.

“I’m not even sure if there is still a chance to go back...”

In the previous world, the state of martial arts and civilization was much higher than this martial arts world.

Not to mention that civilization can cross over universes; judging from the words that the young man uttered, there were also weird ways of cultivation, and even strong men who survive in space in the flesh!

And this world

Fang Xian has yet to hear any rumors of any legendary character with supernatural powers, that could singularly defeat a hundred men.

A truly impressive warrior.

The state of this world seemed to be obviously lower than before.

"If there is a will, there is a way!"

"And, without climbing to a certain height, how can you possibly know the truth of the world Just like my previous life, can an ant see the scenery witnessed by an eagle"

“In this life, I must live a wonderfully exciting life!”

Fangxian tilted his head and gazed at the sky: "It's about time to get out of the mountain."


At the foot of Daqing mountain, there is a small mountain village.

Outside the village, there was a barren mountain field, where farmers work while a few children played by the side of the field.

When the sun was setting, Fangxian lugged a wild boar which welcomed the envying gazes from a group of farmers upon returning into the village.

"Uncle Erhu, Aunt Caigen, Uncle Panming..."

"Little Tiger is so good, I will bring you a bunch of fruit some other day..."

Fangxian kept smiling, greeted a bunch of people, and walked into a courtyard.

The house was surrounded by a fence.

There were three houses built with red bricks and green tiles, which seem to be newly built.

A small vegetable garden was grown within the fence.

An old farmer sat on the propylite rock at the door, smoking his tobacco pipe.

"Our second brother came back from the hunt and bagged a wild boar."

A little girl in a red dress with two braids, ran out to greeted him with excitement.

“Ye, I also picked your favorite raspberry for you.”

Fangxian smiled, he fished out a bunch of bright red fruits from his sleeves and stuffed a piece into his little sister’s mouth.

The little girl squinted her eyes with satisfaction.

“You’re home, that’s good.”

Old Wang inhaled a huge puff of smoke through his tobacco pipe, kneeled up from the rock where he sat on.

His name is ‘Wang Laogen’, Fangxian’s father in this lifetime.

In addition to his father, 'Wang Laogen'; his mother, 'Yunhua', elder brother, 'Wang Da', and younger sister, 'Wang Shanhua'.

As for Fangxian, his name in this lifetime is very unpleasant.

'Wang Xiaoer' (‘Xiao er’ or ‘小二’ is how one call’s the waiter in an eatery; XiaoEr also means ‘little idiot’ in Chinese).

The country folks named them and that was basically it, we couldn’t ask for more.

Fang Xian could only grow up slowly with this slightly shameful name.

The original living standards of this family were barely passable, and their lives were hard and bitter.

It was Fangxian who was the mastermind behind this scheme.

After stealthily learning martial arts, he went to the mountains and honed his techniques, once every three to five days.

He also went hunting to supplement his family income before he built this family business empire.

The Wang family was considered a wealthy household in this village.

Even matchmakers from the neighboring villages have visited to propose marriages, but Fangxian had rejected them all.

After all, having endured the bombardment of various information from his previous two lives, his expectations were honestly quite high.


A pot of braised wild boar was placed on the table, which made the little girl drool.

Fangxian glanced around the table at the family sitting around it, and took a deep breath: "Father, I want to leave and explore the world!"

Wang Laogen seemed to have been mentally prepared for a long time already: "Since you were nine years old, I have known that you had ambition.

Fortunately, your eldest brother has settled down, so go bah."

Wangda and his wife lowered their heads and continued eating.

After hearing this, their bodies trembled and were expressionless.

But the old lady was reluctant and refused to give up.

She held onto Fangxian's hand and kept nagging about it.

It took Fangxian a lot of effort to coax her to stop.


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