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Chapter 14 - Knife Techniques

"So fast!"

Fangxian dropped his bow and arrow and retreated quickly into the darkness.


That great elder is not only a provocation but also a decoy!

His hiding place has been discovered by a master, followingly hunted him down.

"In the Qingyu Sect, there is only one person with such strength… Sect Master - Han Yunfeng! Was he forced to cut short his retreat"

Fangxian ditched his bow and arrow and quickly flew through the darkness.

Relying on the cloaking darkness of the night, he was sure that he was able to be rid of most of the people chasing him.

Phew! Phew!

He was like a snake, a dragon, slithering through the alley.

But instead of losing vision due to the darkness, the pursuer behind him closed up the distance between them.

"Errr It is rumored that martial arts can be cultivated to higher realms, till the realm of ‘virtually electrifying’, this means that you can also see clearly in the night.

This Han Yunfeng was definitely one of the top acquired masters.

No wonder he dared to try to go on a retreat and attempt to breakthrough..."

Fangxian sprinted a few feet further and suddenly stopped.

Because he calculated the speed of both of them, realizing that he was unable to run away.

He turned around and faced the person who came.

The man looked like a middle-aged man, his face was full of stubble, unshaven, and his eyes are narrow and radiating with intense rays of light.

Obviously, you can't ask a person in retreat to focus on hygiene.

It seems that the person who has been in the Internet cafe for days and nights must have been Han Yunfeng! "Was it you Trifling with my Qingyu sect"

Han Yunfeng was even more startled as he saw Fangxian.

If outsiders knew that his Qingyu Sect was almost fully destroyed by a mere boy, it would be the greatest laughing stock on the martial arts underworld!

"It was me!"

Fangxian turned around, quickly drew out a long knife, slashing suddenly!

Before the innate realm, every martial arts competition is about an edge longer and an edge stronger! No matter how powerful the acquired martial artist is, he may still be randomly hacked to death.

Whether the opponent uses weapons or not is an important criterion for measuring combat power!

With a knife in your hand, ghosts and gods will perish!

Although Fangxian has never used the knife technique before, after displaying it, it turned out to be majestic, firm but cruel, and showed demonstrated the true meaning of the knife.

The mind is like a knife, and killing is like cutting through the grass!

"Alright, you thief!"

Han Yunfeng yelled violently, two stainless steel arm guards appeared on his arms.

During the trading of blade blows, and exploding little sparks in the night.

"Five Tigers slamming gates!"

Fangxian's knife technique changed, like a tiger entering a mountain.

"Ah… ‘Five Tigers Breaking Mountain’ Knife Technique… Are you from the Five style Sect"

Han Yunfeng continuously retreated several steps, getting more and more surprised.

This opponent is obviously a powerful acquired martial artist, yet he is still so young, not losing out to the true disciples of the larger sects.

More importantly, the knife technique was so amazing that almost every knife movement was on a fixed path as his heart desires, seizing every flaw in his opponent’s moves, forcing him to retreat again and again.

It's was as though he had 'hidden a universe under his sleeves, which was a dirt-common thing on the streets!

Suddenly, Fangxian heard a long howl.

His original knife technique of 'Five Tigers Breaks Mountain' suddenly changed, it was as easy as brush strokes, freely thrashing and domineering.

‘Chaos wind cloaked’ knife technique!

With a flashing of light from the blade, the knife pierced Han Yunfeng's chest.

"Chaos wind cloak… You are a member of the Fengyun Gang, ‘Little Knife King’"

Han Yunfeng struggled to speak with blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.

Fangxian had been using the Five style sect’s knife techniques against the enemy, but the finishing move was learned from Lu Changfeng, the "Little Sword King" from the Fengyun Gang.

Han Yunfeng was caught off guard and took a slash that ended him.

"It's not a lonely trip on the way to hell, why the need to know so much"

Fangxian drew back his long knife and quickly searched for Han Yunfeng.


His expression changed.

Through the starlight, he found that Han Yunfeng had a lot of things on his body, mostly bottles and jars and a few books.

"Don’t the people of the underworld almost never carry these with them Something’s off… he was in the middle of breaking through during his retreat.

It is normal for him to carry his manuscript with him.

Naturally, medicine was always made available, but the Qingyu sect is on fire, so he hurriedly cut short his retreat, these things can't be left behind, so they can only be carried with him, which was a huge bonus for me… "

Wanting to understand the cause and effect, Fangxian looked at the noisy city, without stopping and came to the city wall.

From the shadows, he dragged out a simple hang glider.

This was the way he originally planned to escape.

Supposed the enemy is too strong, he would jump here and escape directly.

The walls of Black Mountain Provincial City were not only indestructible but also very high, even if Fangxian fell, he would at most break his leg.

But with a buffer, it was naturally different.

With the [Eyes of the Mysterious Caverns] and the preparations here, even if an innate master were chasing behind him, Fangxian was still confident of escaping.

But now most of these preparations are no longer needed anymore.

Looking back, the city became noisier and noisier, and several human shadows were standing on top of roofs.

"It seems that it has alarmed other big forces.

Maybe there are already masters searching near the Qingyu sect… The ancient city was just like this.

Once an accident occurs in the city, it will be closed directly, the whole city including the martial arts experts, those with weak Qing-gong will all be rooted!"

He had already told Liu Yan before to meet up outside the city, Fangxian directly donned on the glider and flew obliquely into the distance like a dark cloud.


In a mountain forest.

Fangxian didn't light any fires, using his own abilities, he began to account for his harvest.

He could not recognize some of the medicine in the bottles and cans, so he didn't open them rashly and put them aside first.

In addition, there was a money pouch, which was filled with a kind of jade-like copper coin, which was crystal clear and gleaming with extraordinary luster under the moonlight.

"This seems to be… jade money"

Fangxian muttered to himself.

Copper coins, silver taels, gold makes the world go round… but there are no silver tickets, will accept it because no one wants just pieces of paper.

This kind of "Jade Money" is made directly from beautiful jade, and it is comparable to ten taels of gold and is the premium currency.

Don’t underestimate the small size of the purse, if it was full of jade money, they make up a great half of the Qingyu Sect’s funds.

"It seems that I do not need to worry about money in the future… "

With joy written on Fangxian's face, he flipped out the books he had obtained from Han Yunfeng, one of them stood out impressively.

"‘Qingyu Technique’ It was indeed a secret manuscript of internal strength.

It’s said that this person broke through in retreat.

I must examine the studies of the secret manuscript… "

The thing he had been seeking appeared in front of him, even Fangxian couldn't help heaved slightly.

He adjusted his breathing and he had an unwavering expression before turning the pages of the book.

The secret manuscript of "Qingyu technique" was very old, and the notes are densely written between the lines.

Obviously, after breaking through the innate master realm, great sect master Han and other descendants have been hoping to try to recultivate it.

There were countless conjectures and verifications, but it is a pity that they were all useless in the end.

"Man who have attained True Chi, have to visualize and preserve the physical-spiritual energy, and never stop pretending as though it there… "

After reading a few lines, Fangxian was finally sure that the internal strength of this world was different from what he had imagined.

The key is not to channel Chi with your own blood and strength, breaking through acupuncture points and pulses, but - profound meditation!

Visualize the physical form of your spiritual energy, and through various gestures and combining with deep breaths, to self-hypnotize and enter a state of profound meditation.

The human body is just a mass of flesh and blood, and there was no true Chi originally.

The key is to take advantage of borrowed cultivation, hypnotizing oneself as though you possess it, and then develop true Chi and reach the sky in a single step!

"I don't quite understand… No wonder there are so few innate masters… "

Fangxian took a deep breath and disappeared into the night.


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