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Shi Xi looked at her card and said regretfully, “Then I cant use the money I have here”

The smile on Tonys face froze.

He had never expected Shi Xi to say such a thing.

“Can I use it” Shi Xi asked again.

Tony: “…When youre done, you can use this card to continue spending.”

Shi Xi looked at Tony.

Tony thought to himself,Youre the one who forced me to tell the truth.

“Alright, looks like this card of mine is useless,” Shi Xi muttered to herself and kept the card.

She was thinking of giving it to Tao Yuxuan so that it could display its final value.

How could that be possible

She would be so famous that the universe would explode.


After dying her hair and coming out, Shi Xi prepared to take a taxi home.

It was time to pack up and go to Yanjing.

Just as she was waiting for an online ride, a skinny and shifty-eyed man came forward and quietly took an item.

He said in a low voice, “Sister, I have a good item! The original price is 188,000 for the pink diamond bracelet.

Ill sell it to you today at 180!”

Shi Xi turned her head and saw this familiar person.

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Back then, she had forgotten to bargain and spent 18 yuan to buy a large magnet from this person!

“Youre here to cheat me again” Shi Xi thought of how her magnet had sucked on Mother Shengs bracelet and her face turned ugly.

“How can you call this a scam when youre willing to buy it” The skinny man was anxious.

He sized Shi Xi up and recognized her.

“Youre the girl who bought my magnet last time!”

Shi Xis looks were too outstanding.

Moreover, Shi Xis green hair had left a deep impression on people last time.

They wouldnt be able to forget it even if they wanted to.

Shi Xi gritted her teeth.

“Last time, you said that it was a good item that was found in Emperor Qins tomb.”

The skinny man said seriously, “I didnt earn any money from you last time.

That iron ring was sold for 20 yuan!”

Shi Xi: “…”

She didnt believe a single punctuation mark of the mans words!

“Look at this pink diamond bracelet.

It came in from abroad! The market price is 188,000 yuan.

We can be considered fated.


Forget it, Ill sell it to you for 100 yuan.” The skinny man sounded like he was making friends.

Shi Xi looked at the bracelet on his hand.

It was wrapped in a cheap transparent plastic bag.

On the silver bracelet was a string of sparkling pink water diamonds.

One could tell at a glance that it was fake.

However, it was pretty good-looking.

Shi Xi took a look and asked, “Are you selling it for 10 yuan”

The skinny man looked conflicted.

“At least 20 yuan!”

“15 yuan.”

“This is the QR code.” The skinny man took out a QR code.

Shi Xi: “…”

Even though he had bargained back and forth, it still seemed expensive

After paying, the skinny man stuffed the item into Shi Xis hands and said, “Your car seems to have arrived.”

Shi Xi turned around and saw that the taxi had indeed come, so she got into the car first.

After getting into the car, Shi Xi took out the bracelet that he had spent a huge sum of 15 yuan on.

Just as she was about to open the bag and put it on, Shi Xi saw that there was a label on the bag.

[Pink diamond bracelet, 10 yuan]

There was even a small line of words at the bottom: Yiwu Product.

Shi Xi: “…”

Did she dye her hair and have her IQ drop as a result

Shi Xi hated wearing the bracelet.

Just as she put on the bracelet, the car suddenly made a turn.

The biggest pink diamond on the bracelet hit the car door.


The pink diamond fell off.

Shi Xi picked up the pink diamond with heartache.

10 yuan bracelet, 9 yuan spent on this pink diamond!

Although it looked fake in the blurry plastic, the bracelet was worthless if the diamond fell off!

Sob, sob, sob.

Shi Xi had no choice but to put the bracelet and the diamond back into the plastic bag that she had not thrown away in time.

The next time she saw that scrawny little liar, she must return this thing!


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