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“Eh, I didnt mean to criticize you.” The dance teacher sighed when he saw Pei Jies expression.

“Continue practicing your dance.”

“I didnt want to make her angry.” Pei Jie pursed his lips and said, “The next time I see her, I will apologize to her.”

The dance teacher said, “She wont be coming.”

Pei Jie was surprised.

“Her classes are over,” the dance teacher said.

“How about I push her WeChat to you and you tell her”

Pei Jie clenched his fists and shook his head.

“No need.

I dont think she wants to add me either.”

“Is that because she doesnt want to add you Youre the one who said that you dont want to add her first!” The dance teacher got even angrier as he spoke.

“There are so many people who want to be friends with Shi Xi, but they cant get close to her.

You dont even take the chance when you have the chance!”

Pei Jie pursed his lips.

“Isnt this avoiding suspicion”

“Forget it, forget it.

Lets continue practicing.” The dance teacher was afraid that if he continued, he would be angered to death by Pei Jie.

He deserved to not be popular!

He thought about how cute Shi Xis smiling face was.

He deserved to see Shi Xi gain 8 million fans overnight!

Then, he saw Pei Jie practicing his dance expressionlessly.

He deserved it!!!

Shi Xi had signed up for a total of ten classes.

After today, she was going to prepare to record [Star Idol].


She only told Tao Yuxuan that she was going to record the program, not [Star Idol].

She was afraid that Tao Yuxuan would be reluctant to part with her and hold a farewell party for her.

Shi Xi finally figured out the pattern.

As long as it was a banquet, something would definitely happen.

After filling in her request to go to Haicheng University, Shi Xi was happy that she would stay away from the plot for the next four years.

However, when she saw that her recording location was in Yanjing, she was immediately upset.

“Only [Star Idol] was recorded in Yanjing.

Most of the other variety shows are recorded in Haicheng,” Han Chuan said.

“Ill help you with the script in the future, and Ill try my best to help you with the filming location in Feng City.”

“Its okay, Im not picky.” Shi Xi sighed.

Seeing that there was still time, she said, “Ill go dye my hair.”

There were more than a hundred girls, and she wanted to stand out from the rest by relying on her hair color!

“What color” Han Chuan frowned slightly.

“Pink.” This was the color that Shi Xi had wanted to dye for a long time.

Han Chuan was silent for a moment.

He did not say anything good or bad.

“Arent the daughters of famous families very strict” How could they dye their hair casually

“Im not going to a bar or nightclub.

Im just dying my hair,” Shi Xi said weakly.

That was true.

While there was still time, Shi Xi went to her previous shop again to dye her hair pink.

Tony knew that Shi Xi was popular now, so he put more effort into her and said, “Do you want to dye it The top is pink, and the bottom gradually turns blue-purple.

Or from the top to the bottom, layer by layer, it looks especially good.”

Shi Xi looked at the picture that Tony gave her and thought that it was even more three-dimensional than two-dimensional.

But it was indeed garish and very beautiful!

Shi Xi was a little tempted.

“Next time.

Dye it pink first this time.” Shi Xi was firm in her initial stance.

Tony had no choice but to dye Shi Xis hair pink.

Shi Xis hair was originally curly.

After dyeing it pink, her long curly pink hair scattered, reflecting her snow-white complexion.

“Not bad.” Shi Xi handed the card to Tony and said, “Pay the bill.”

She had charged quite a lot of money last time.

Tony smiled and said, “You have brought a lot of business to our shop.

This time, we wont charge you.”

“Next time, if you have highlights or gradual changes, come to me and I wont charge you!”

The last time Shi Xi came to their shop to dye her green hair, it directly led to the sales in their shop doubling that month.

Looking at the results of Shi Xis hair dyeing this time, it was estimated that this months sales would also double.

Tony thought,Beautiful is good.

They can pull off any color.

But few people dared to try pink or green!


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