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‘Ill sit and eat an apple while watching Pei Jie dance.

Pei Jie would come half an hour early every day.

When Shi Xi was resting, she would watch Pei Jie dance for a while.

She had heard of Pei Jies name from her dance teacher many times, and she had also searched for him in private.

Pei Jie was a member of a male band in a small company.

However, the small company did not have many resources and kept recruiting people to sign contracts.

They would then waste their time to earn their termination fees.

The small company did not even have a proper dance class.

Pei Jie would work to earn money before coming back to learn dance.

The dance teacher praised Pei Jie endlessly.

Shi Xi chewed on an apple as she watched Pei Jies movements.

She thought to herself that he was just so-so.

It was just that the dance was a little smoother, the movements were a little better, and the control was a little stronger.

How could he compare to her

Shi Xi took another bite of the apple hatefully.

“Oh right, Shi Xi, can you help Pei Jie take a look at this dance” The dance teacher stopped moving and said with a smile, “Pei Jie has an interview to attend.

See if theres anything else he needs to improve on this dance.”

“Theres no need.”

“Theres no need.”

The two of them spoke at the same time.

The dance teacher looked at the two of them.


Pei Jie pursed his lips and turned his head away from Shi Xi.

Shi Xi smiled faintly and said, “Ive seen it just now.

Its very good.

Theres no need to improve it.”

The dance teacher said, “Haha, Pei Jie and I are both men.

We just want you to help us see if theres anything greasy in the dance moves.

After all, boys and girls have different perceptions of each other.”

In the past, there were often moves where the crotch was pushed up against the floor.

They thought it was s*xy, but the female fans were shouting about how greasy it was.

Shi Xi coughed and praised, “Its not greasy.

Its very handsome!”

Hearing Shi Xis praise, Pei Jie looked at her and said in a muffled voice, “Thank you.”

Seeing that the atmosphere between the two of them had improved, the dance teacher said, “Both of you are going to participate in the show.

You might have to interact with each other in the entertainment industry in the future.

Why dont you add her on WeChat Itll be easier to contact her in the future.”

“Theres no need for that.

She and I wont be participating in the same show,” Pei Jie said first.

Ever since Shi Xi arrived, she had never been treated with such disdain.

Her eyes were smiling.

“I dont think well be participating in the same show either.”

She was going to participate in [Star Idol].

They were all girls.

How could she possibly meet Pei Jie

Unless Pei Jie became a dance teacher

However, with his unknown fame, he wasnt qualified to be a dance instructor.

Pei Jie looked at the smile on Shi Xis face and said, “Teacher, lets continue practicing.”

Shi Xi stood up and smiled politely.

There wasnt a single mistake in her smile.

“Thank you for the apple, Teacher.

Ive already rested well.

See you next time.”

“Alright, see you next time.” The dance instructor watched Shi Xi leave.

He turned around to look at the disappointing Pei Jie and felt even angrier.

“You brat, Ive already helped you set the stage, but you dont even know how to cherish it!” the dance teacher said in frustration.

“Having more friends means more opportunities.

Shi Xi is so famous.

So why dont you practice dancing with her and be friends with her”

Pei Jie said plainly, “Shes very popular, so she doesnt need a friend like me.”

The dance teacher was exasperated.

“Shi Xi has a good personality and is talented, and her personality isnt as bad as what the Internet says.

Yesterday was her birthday, and you were in the same dance studio as her.

Whats wrong with saying happy birthday

“Even if you dont want to be friends with her, you dont have to make her angry, right Cant you change your personality”

Pei Jie didnt say anything.

He lowered his eyes, and the strands of hair on his forehead hid the emotions in his eyes.


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