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Leng Qiankun took a deep breath and pretended not to hear Tao Yuxuans advice.

If Tao Yuxuan had not suggested setting off the fireworks, why would he personally set it up and get caught

Speaking of the source, wasnt it Tao Yuxuans fault

Forget it, since Shi Xi Xi liked it, he did not mind.

“The cruise ship will set sail next week.

There will be a banquet on the cruise ship.” Leng Qiankun looked at Shi Xi.

“These are the invitations.”

Although he had three invitations, he only looked at Shi Xi.

“I dont have time.

I have a program recording this Friday.

Ill probably be busy for a while.” Shi Xi picked up an invitation and said, “Ill get Shi Xu to attend.”

Anyway, he just wanted more people!

Leng Qiankun instantly lost the mood.

If Shi Xi didnt come, he even thought of not holding the banquet.

Tao Yuxuan looked at the invitation card and asked, “Is this the cruise ship you bought from abroad Its quite a lot of money, right”

Leng Qiankun said weakly, “Yes.”

Ning Yu also took an invitation card.

She didnt say whether she would go or not.

However, since she was willing to accept the invitation card, it meant that there was a high probability that she would go.

Seeing her actions, the corners of Leng Qiankuns mouth curled up, and his eyes were cold.


Heh, even if Shi Xi did not go, he would still teach this Ning Yu a good lesson!

“I heard that this cruise ship was custom-made by you from the Royal Caribbean.

It cant be similar to those ordinary cruise ships, right” Tao Yuxuan asked excitedly.

She had always been very interested in eating, drinking, and having fun.

“It wont be worse than the Voyager,” Leng Qiankun said.

“Youll know when the time comes.”

Tao Yuxuan shook Shi Xis arm.

“What program are you participating in Come on this cruise ship with me!”

Shi Xi: “The cruise ship doesnt know how to run.

I can go anytime.

If I dont participate in the program, Ill miss this opportunity!”

Tao Yuxuan: “…”

The few of them sat at the Leng Residence for a while before leaving.

However, everyone was heading in different directions.

Shi Xi was going to the dance studio, while Tao Yuxuan was going home.

Meanwhile, Ning Yu got into Cheng Yues car and listened to the movements of the Leng Residence.

It was a bug that she had secretly planted when she was at Leng Qiankuns residence.

However, the sound came intermittently.

“The cruise ship will be buzzing next week.”

“Dont worry, the trade is done.”

There was a lot of noise behind them, and they couldnt listen to it anymore.

“The Leng family has anti-eavesdropping equipment.” Cheng Yue adjusted it a few times and pursed her lips.

“It seems that we cant get any information from Leng Qiankun.”

“See you on the cruise next week.

Trade.” Ning Yu looked at the invitation in her hand and said, “Will they trade at the banquet”

Cheng Yue was surprised.

“There are so many people.

How dare they”

Ning Yus eyes were cold.

“Its dark under the lights.

The more people there are, the more advantageous it will be for them to trade.

Besides, the cruise ship sets off from the seaside.

If it enters international waters, it wont be regulated.”

Cheng Yue said, “Ill get someone to prepare it now.

When the time comes, well sneak into the banquet.”

“Okay.” Ning Yu put away the invitation, leaned back in her chair, and closed her eyes.


In the dance studio.

Shi Xi had just entered the dance studio when the dance teacher chuckled and said, “Happy birthday, Shi Xi.”

“Thank you.” Shi Xis eyes curved as she asked curiously, “Teacher, how did you know my birthday”

Even though it was her birthday yesterday, how did her teacher know

“Youre already on the trending searches.

Of course I know.” The dance teacher threw an apple over and said, “Forget about the cake, Ill give you an apple.”

Shi Xi took the apple and said, “Thanks.”

As usual, Shi Xi followed the dance teacher to practice.

She remembered her movements quickly and could learn an average dance every day.

After these few days of training, her physical strength was much better than before.

At least it wasnt like the first day, where she couldnt get up after practicing.

Now, she could at least sit.


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