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Ning Yu was drinking her milk when she heard Shi Xis words.

She looked up at her helplessly, her clear and cold eyes filled with a smile.

“If you want to dye your hair, dont drag me down with you.”

Shi Xi sat opposite her, propping up her chin.

“I do want to dye my hair, but Im afraid of losing it.”

She was extremely passionate about dyeing her hair.

Her lifes obsession was to gather all the seven-colored hair colors.

But when she thought about losing her hair, Shi Xi was a little worried.

“Losing your hair is a normal phenomenon of the bodys metabolism.

We dont have the baldness gene in our family, so you wont go bald.” Ning Yu sized up Shi Xis hair and said, “You can dye the ones that are less harmful to your hair.”

“Then Ill go dye my hair before we record the show!” Shi Xi asked Ning Yu, “Do you want to come along I still have quite a lot of money in my card!”

Ning Yu rejected her directly, “No.”

Looking at Ning Yus long black hair, Shi Xi muttered, “Its such a pity not to dye it.”

Mother Shi suggested, “I think it looks good when its permed into big waves.”

Ning Yu turned to urge Shi Xi, “Hurry up and eat.

We still have to go to the Leng family.”

“Oh, okay.” Shi Xi lowered her head and bit on the egg.

After Shi Xi finished his breakfast, the two of them went to the Leng family.

At the door of the Leng family, Shi Xi met Tao Yuxuan.

“Xi Xi, you… Ning Yu” When Tao Yuxuan saw Ning Yu coming out of the car, the smile on her face instantly froze.

She clenched her teeth and pulled Shi Xi, saying in a low voice, “Why did you bring her here”


Leng Qiankun and Tao Yuxuan didnt like Ning Yu.

When Ning Yu won 5 million from Leng Qiankun, she even gave him a congratulatory music box.

It could be said that the two of them had already formed a feud.

But now, Ning Yu had taken the initiative to come to the Leng family.

“Its definitely a weasel paying a New Years visit to a chicken — she has no good intentions!” Tao Yuxuan said through gritted teeth.

Shi Xi said, “I asked Leng Qiankun yesterday, and he agreed to let Ning Yu come.”

Hearing that Leng Qiankun had agreed, Tao Yuxuans eyes turned.

“Thats right, this is Leng Qiankuns territory, and Ning Yu is still at our mercy.”

“Do you think youre playing with plasticine” Shi Xi knocked on the door.

“Lets go in first.”

Standing at the door was tiring.

After Leng Qiankun returned from abroad, he stayed in the villa he bought and did not return to the Leng familys old mansion.

According to Tao Yuxuan, Leng Qiankuns relationship with his parents was average.

When he went abroad, he had to go against his parents.

After entering the door, Shi Xi could feel the darkness of the entire place.

Even though there were large French windows, they were covered by thick curtains.

It matched Leng Qiankuns temperament.

“Sit.” Leng Qiankun took a few bottles of drinks from the fridge to serve them.

He had some injuries on his face.

It looked like they were from a fight.

“I brought a bottle of wine and put it on the wine cabinet.

Are you alright” Tao Yuxuan even brought a gift to the door.

It was obvious that she was here to care about the injuries.

Shi Xi looked at Ning Yu.

Ning Yu sat down calmly.

Both of them came empty-handed.

“Im alright.” Leng Qiankun rubbed his temples and sat down on the sofa.

“Are you really alright I heard that you were pinned to the ground and beaten.” Tao Yuxuan stared at Leng Qiankuns face and said, “I think you were even kicked”

Leng Qiankun tightened his grip on the Sprite can in his hand.

The Sprite inside was spilling out and trickling down his palm.

Shi Xi coughed and gestured for Tao Yuxuan to stop talking.

It was a little embarrassing.

“Its really nothing.” Leng Qiankun changed the topic and looked at Shi Xi.

“Did you enjoy the fireworks yesterday”

“Yes.” Shi Xi nodded.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

When Leng Qiankun heard that Shi Xi liked the fireworks, the corners of his mouth curled up.

“If you like it, its not hard at all.”

Tao Yuxuan added, “Next time, remember to apply to set off the fireworks first.

Dont get caught by the patrols again.”


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