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Shi Xi had just failed this round.

When she heard Ning Yus words, she turned to look at Ning Yu in surprise.

“Youre going to visit Leng Qiankun too”

She remembered that the two of them were not familiar with each other, right

“Yes.” Ning Yu raised her cold eyes slightly and asked, “Can I”

Shi Xi said hesitantly, “Tao Yuxuan will also visit him.”

Tao Yuxuan and Leng Qiankun could not stand Ning Yu.

If Ning Yu went to the Leng family, she might be bullied.

“Its okay.” Ning Yu tilted her head slightly and said, “Leng Qiankun gave me so much money last time.

I should pay him a visit.”

Shi Xi thought,Is that a gift

‘You won it.

“Ill ask Leng Qiankun.” Shi Xi took out his phone and sent a message to Leng Qiankun.

Leng Qiankun replied instantly: [Let her come.]

These three short words were filled with the aura of gnashing teeth.

Shi Xi said: “He agreed.

Then, well go together tomorrow.”

Ning Yu nodded and said to Shi Xi: “Thank you.”

“No need to thank me.

Just dont argue with them tomorrow.” Shi Xi could not help but say what she was thinking.


Ning Yus eyes were filled with a smile.

“As long as they dont take the initiative to cause trouble, I wont do anything.”

Shi Xi sighed.

“You should equip anti-magic equipment in order to pass this level.” Ning Yu looked at Shi Xis screen and said, “You wont be able to increase the bonus if you wear it like this.”

Shi Xi knew that Ning Yu was a big shot in the game, so she quickly made way for her.

“Help me match it!”

Ning Yu didnt stand on ceremony and sat down.

She opened Shi Xis equipment list.

Immediately, she fell into deep thought.

Shi Xis bag was filled with useless trash.

This made her very curious.

Just how many trash quests had Shi Xi completed to gather all the trash equipment in this game

There were some things that she had never even seen before!

Ning Yu cleaned Shi Xis bag.

The synthesis that needed to be synthesized, the production that needed to be done, the experience cards that needed to be used.

When Ning Yu opened her characters wardrobe, Ning Yu fell silent once again.

She knew that someone had treated this game as a game for changing clothes.

But Ning Yu didnt expect that Shi Xi, who was only level 10, had already collected so many clothes.

The wardrobe had already been expanded to its maximum size.

She had almost all the clothes that could be obtained now.

And every set of clothes was beautifully matched.

It was ridiculous.

She had used up all her skill points, right

“Its done.” Ning Yu finished equipping the game equipment and also passed this round.

Only then did she return her account to Shi Xi and said, “If you have anything you want to ask in the game, you can look for me.”

“Thank you, Big Sis!” Shi Xi saw that the game had been completed and happily hugged Ning Yu.

“Ive been stuck in this round for a long time!”

The girl pounced on her and hugged her.

Ning Yu could not help but blush and said, “Read more of the forums guides.”

Shi Xi quickly let go and said, “Okay, well go see Leng Qiankun after breakfast tomorrow.”

Speaking of serious matters, Ning Yu nodded seriously.

She had wanted to go to the Leng family previously, but the security outside the Leng family was too tight.

She could only enter from the inside.

She hoped that she would gain something this time.

Ning Yu walked out of Shi Xis room, her eyes slightly drooping.


The next morning, Shi Xi got up.

She would go to see Leng Qiankun in the morning and went to the dance studio in the afternoon.

Life was busy.

When Shi Xi went downstairs for breakfast, Ning Yu was already eating breakfast.

Ning Yu was still listening to Mother Shis nagging.

Mother Shi said, “You child, you didnt even mention that you got so many marks.

Are you still short of money I think you only have a few pieces of clothes.

Let me take you to buy some clothes And your hair.

Youre about to go to university.

Let me take you to get a perm and dye it”

Shi Xi came down from upstairs and said, “I think its okay.

Take Sister to dye her hair pink”


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