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When Shi Xu sent Xie Yunzhou off, Shi Xi happened to come up from downstairs.

“Brother, youre here” When Shi Xi saw Shi Xu, she said, “The banquet is over.”

Shi Xu had just used her sisters relationship to make a deal, so he felt a little guilty at this moment and was even gentler towards Shi Xi.

“Im sorry, I was talking to Yunzhou just now and forgot the time.”

“Oh…” Shi Xi looked at Xie Yunzhou behind Shi Xu and was puzzled.

Didnt they say that the Shi family and the Xie family didnt have any interactions

What was there to talk about

Moreover, wasnt he still addressing Xie Yunzhou as Young Master Xie and President Xie previously Why did he address him so cordially now

There was definitely something fishy going on here!

Xie Yunzhou wasnt trying to trick her brother, right

“Brother, you should go and rest.

Ill help you send off the guests.” Shi Xis eyes curved as she took the initiative to send Xie Yunzhou off.

Shi Xu hesitated for a moment before saying, “Okay.”

Looking at the backs of the two people, Shi Xu seemed to be deep in thought.

Previously, Xi Xi had always been following Sheng Yan and would not marry unless it was him.

But recently, she had not mentioned it.

Forget it.

Xi Xi had just come of age.

What was wrong with letting her be single for two years


He had been single for more than 20 years!


Shi Xu did not feel any psychological burden at all.

He was only thinking about how to compensate Shi Xi.

Why not give all the profits to Shi Xi

As Shi Xu thought about it, he returned to his study room and continued to study the collaboration with Xie Yunzhou.

After Shi Xi sent Xie Yunzhou out, she asked, “What are you and my brother talking about”

Xie Yunzhou: “The collaboration between Wei Shi New Energy in the next quarter.”

Shi Xi: …It sounds like something serious.

“Well, Ive saved you before.

You cant cheat my brother!” Shi Xi puffed out her chest and pretended to be fierce.

Xie Yunzhou smiled faintly.

“When Shi Xu was running rampant in the business world, I hadnt graduated yet.

How could you think that I would cheat him”

Shi Xi thought to herself,You are a ruthless villain.

You never show mercy when you cheat people.

“Then, you should go back.

Take care on the road.” Seeing his assistant driving Xie Yunzhous car closer, Shi Xi said, “Goodbye.”

Xie Yunzhou stared into the girls eyes.

“Where do you want to go to school”

Shi Xi was still young and wasnt old enough to get married yet.

“Haicheng University.

Its close to home and I can come back often.” Shi Xi had already thought it through and said, “Besides, Haicheng has many opportunities.

Feng City has a film and television base, which is good for my career development.”

She could earn money and stay away from the female lead.

Killing two birds with one stone!

Although Ning Yu was really nice, she really didnt want to be slapped in the face all the time!

“Alright.” Xie Yunzhou ruffled the girls hair.

“Im going back.”

Shi Xi covered her hair.

“Dont touch my head!”

Her hair would fall out!

Xie Yunzhou looked at the girls lively eyes and his mood improved.


After sending Xie Yunzhou off, Shi Xi returned the way she came.

She had received many presents today.

She had originally wanted to open the presents, but now she just wanted to go to bed early.

She had never thought that opening presents were a tiring task.

After Shi Xi took a shower, she thought about the presents she had received.

Then, she got up and started playing the game.

She could open the presents tomorrow, but if she did not log into the game today, there would be no rewards for logging in!

Just as Shi Xi was playing the game, Ning Yu knocked on the door and came in.

She asked casually, “Are you going to see Leng Qiankun tomorrow”

“Yes, why” Shi Xi kept typing.

“Ill go with you.” Ning Yu looked at Shi Xis screen and her eyes froze.

She had seen people who were terrible at games.

But she had never seen people who were this terrible at games.

Wouldnt her teammates scold her for being an elementary school student


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