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“Sheng Yan prepared it” Tao Yuxuan guessed in a low voice.

“No,” Shi Xi replied with certainty.

“How do you know” Tao Yuxuan glanced over the field and saw Sheng Yan blocking the cup, afraid that the petals would fall into his cup.

Tao Yuxuan: …Drag him away.

Shi Xi: “Theres a word written on the helicopter.”

“What word” Tao Yuxuan was a little short-sighted and couldnt see the words on the helicopter clearly.

She narrowed her eyes, wanting to read it.

“Xie.” Shi Xi thought,Could it be Xie Yunzhou

“Xie Someone from the Xie family” Tao Yuxuan asked in confusion, “Is there anyone from the Xie family coming today”

Shi Xi: “I dont know.

I didnt see it.”

Beside him, Shi Xu said, “The Xie family wasnt invited.

No one from the Xie family is coming today.”

The majestic rain of petals lasted for a full ten minutes.

Everyone walked out from their initial shock.

Those who loved beauty even began to take photos as a memento.

The rain of roses was getting smaller and smaller.

The helicopter was also nowhere to be seen.

Just as everyone snapped out of their daze from the rain of roses, the sound of fireworks was heard from the horizon:

Boom! Boom!


The fireworks that filled the sky suddenly bloomed and formed two words:

[Shi Xi]

The name formed by the fireworks dispersed and the next group of fireworks bloomed and formed another row of words:

[Happy Birthday]

Following that, the fireworks bloomed and formed various shapes.

The entire sky was as bright as day.

“Wow! Its prepared for Shi Xi!”

“So beautiful!”

“Its so romantic and beautiful.

Who prepared this”

“Its either Shi Xu or Sheng Yan.

Anyway, its prepared for Shi Xi.

Im so envious.

I wish I had such a brother or fiancé.”

Tao Yuxuan said softly, “These fireworks were clearly prepared by Leng Qiankun and me!”

Shi Xi looked up at the fireworks.

“Thank you.”


Shi Xi smiled.

“Thank you.

Leng Qiankun as well.”

Although she was unreliable most of the time, she had put in a lot of effort in her preparation.

She really liked it.

Tao Yuxuan looked at the girl beside her and blushed.

“No, you dont have to thank me.

As long as you like it.”

Everyone was looking up at the fireworks, but those with distracting thoughts were taking this time to look at the person they liked.

No matter how beautiful the fireworks were, they could not compare to the smile of the person they loved.

The girls eyes were as bright as the stars, stunning and bright.

The fireworks were set for a full twenty minutes.

Each round was of different shapes and colors.

But they were even more beautiful than the fireworks.

After the fireworks ended, many people rubbed their necks and marveled at what they saw today.

“You like watching fireworks” Xie Yunzhous voice suddenly sounded from behind Shi Xi.

“Ah” Shi Xi was focused on watching the fireworks.

She didnt expect to see someone behind her.

She didnt expect that it would be Xie Yunzhou.

“When did you come” Shi Xi asked in surprise.

“Just now.” Xie Yunzhou didnt say that he had been here for a while.

He just kept looking at Shi Xi.

“Did you arrange that rain of roses” Shi Xi asked him.

“Yes.” Xie Yunzhou nodded.

“Happy birthday.”

He wanted to give Shi Xi a different birthday present.

Jewelry and bags were too tacky.

He had already given her the house, but the car… Shi Xi didnt have a drivers license yet.

Then, he would give Shi Xi a shower of roses.

In the future, whenever Shi Xi saw flowers, she would think of this shower of roses.

“Do you like it” Xie Yunzhou asked Shi Xi.

Shi Xus hand pressed on Xie Yunzhous shoulder, and his smile was gentle.

“Young Master Xie, did you not see that there was someone beside Shi Xi”

Xie Yunzhou was slightly startled.

He recognized that it was Shi Xis brother and said, “Im sorry, I only saw Shi Xi.”



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