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“You, is there anything else you need from me” Shi Xi hesitated for a moment before asking.

She had not framed the female lead yet.

Xie Yunzhou would not go so far as to kill her, right


She had even saved Xie Yunzhou.

Xie Yunzhou should at least know how to be a human, right

“Yes.” Xie Yunzhou nodded and took out his phone.

“Add me on WeChat.”

Shi Xis breathing stopped.


She took out her phone and was about to add Xie Yunzhou on WeChat when her phone rang.

The screen lit up.

The caller was [Fiancé].

Xie Yunzhou did not have the habit of peeking at other peoples phone screens, but Shi Xis phone screen was right in front of him.

He could see it with just a glance.

He could not ignore it even if he wanted to.

The aura around Xie Yunzhou instantly turned cold.

He lowered his eyes to hide the coldness in his eyes.

Did she already have a fiancé

“Sorry, I have to take this call first.” Shi Xi was a little embarrassed.

She picked up the phone and said, “Hello”

Her fiancé said coldly, “Come to the old residence tomorrow.

My parents want to see you.”

Shi Xi hesitated and said, “I have to go to the production team tomorrow.”

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Her fiancé was stunned for a moment.

In the past, when Shi Xi heard that she was going to the Sheng Familys old residence, she would never refuse.

“What about the day after tomorrow” her fiancé asked.

Shi Xi looked at her schedule and said, “Im free the day after tomorrow, but I want to sleep in.”

The girls voice was soft and tender.

It could be heard that she really did not want to go to the Sheng Familys old mansion.

Xie Yunzhou listened to the girls phone call and wondered if she and her fiancé had a bad relationship

Who was Shi Xis fiancé again

Xie Yunzhou had never been interested in such gossip.

He had only heard a few sentences about Shi Xi being a fake daughter, or because there were too many people discussing it.

If he had known earlier, he would have paid more attention to it.

While he was thinking, Shi Xis call had already reached an end.

“Alright, Ill go over the day after tomorrow at 10 oclock.

You dont have to pick me up.

Ill go over directly.

Okay, thats it.”

After hanging up the call, Xie Yunzhou casually asked, “Youre already engaged”

“Mm, its an engagement set at home.” When Shi Xi remembered that her fiancé was the male lead, her mood instantly turned sour.

How would she dare to snatch the male lead from the female lead

Did she dislike her own long life

Xie Yunzhou saw Shi Xis expression and narrowed his eyes slightly.

“You had a fight with him”

“No… Forget it, lets not talk about him anymore.” Shi Xi did not want to recall the original owners experience as a dog-licking dog.

Adding Xie Yunzhous WeChat, her mood was subtle.

“You just wanted to treat me to a meal”

“Thank you for saving me.” Xie Yunzhou attributed everything to gratitude and asked, “What do you want Just tell me.”

If it was in ancient times, Shi Xi would have wanted a get-out-of-jail-free card.

However, there was no such thing now.

Shi Xi could only say, “I just saved you on the way.

You werent seriously injured.

Even if I didnt save you, you would still be fine.”

After all, in the original plot, the villain was not missing a limb.

“To you, its just a piece of cake.” Xie Yunzhou smiled gently and decided to slowly repay her kindness.

“Ill send you home first.”

Thinking of the female lead of the Shi Family, Shi Xis head ached.

Why couldnt she avoid the main characters of the plot!

“Im not going home.” Shi Xi stood up and said, “Im going to a hotel.”

Xie Yunzhou had always been cold and indifferent to women.

At this moment, his Adams apple moved slightly.

“Are you sure”


This was fast-forward to the point where he had to give himself to her

He was fine with it, but Shi Xi seemed to have a fiancé.

Was it good for them to do this


Shi Xi nodded.

“Ill stay at the hotel next to the production team so that we can start work tomorrow morning.”


Xie Yunzhou:I thought too much.


After sending Shi Xi to the hotel, Xie Yunzhou asked, “Who is Shi Xis fiancé”

The assistant had already found out about this.

He said unhurriedly, “Miss Shis fiancé is Sheng Yan of the Sheng Family.

“The parents of the two families are friends.

Before they were born, they arranged a marriage between them.”

Xie Yunzhou was deep in thought.

“So, the one who is engaged to Sheng Yan is actually the real daughter of the Shi Family”

“Yes.” The assistant glanced at the boss expression and said, “Miss Shi and Sheng Yan are childhood sweethearts.

I heard that Miss Shi has always considered herself as Sheng Yans girlfriend.”

The atmosphere in the car instantly turned cold.


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