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“Persuade your sister to come to Haicheng University!” Du Heng began to beat around the bush.

“A family should be neat and tidy.

How nice.”

Shi Xi: …Thats not how the idiom is used.

Shi Xis eyes curved as she said politely, “Thank you, Principal Du.

I will consider it.”

She still wanted to dominate the entertainment industry, so she wouldnt think too far ahead.

Haicheng University was pretty good.

Ning Yu said from the side, “Thank you, Principal Du, for your invitation.

I have already thought about going to Yanjing University.”

She was already preparing to apply to Yanjing University.

Shi Xi thought to herself,Then Ill apply to Haicheng University myself.

The further away from Ning Yu, the safer it would be.

“Wait, little system, which school do I apply to It wont affect the plot, right” Shi Xi asked the system quietly, afraid that she would make the wrong decision.

The system: [It wont affect you.

As long as youre happy.

You can apply to Inner Mongolia University, or Harbin.]

Shi Xi: “Then Ill choose Haicheng University.”

Ning Yu went to Yanjing University, and she went to Haicheng University.

How perfect!

At this moment, Shi Xi had never thought about how regretful her decision would be in the future.


When Ning Yu said that she wanted to go to Yanjing University, Principal Li was happy, and Du Heng was unhappy.

“Oh right, did you set off the fireworks just now” Du Heng suddenly asked.

Principal Li smiled happily.


Du Heng said disdainfully, “Youre sick.”

“This is to congratulate Ning Yu, the top scorer in the science department.

What do you know” Principal Li was not angry even though he had been rebuked, and his face was full of smiles.

When Shi Xi heard this from the side, she looked at Tao Yuxuan.

“Didnt you prepare a surprise for me”

The others also whispered to each other, “I thought it was for Shi Xi, but it turns out that it was the principal of Yanjing University who gave it to Ning Yu!”

“Eh, it seems that Shi Xi will fall out of favor in the future.

Dont you see that Mr.

Shi and Mrs.

Shi are surrounding Ning Yu”

“Ning Yu was the top scorer in the Science exams, and the two principals are jealous of her.

What does Shi Xi count as”

Shi Xi: I count as a beauty.

Hearing the surrounding words, Shi Xi stared at Tao Yuxuan.

Most of the slaps were aimed at Shi Xi.

No matter how good Shi Xis attitude was, she could not take it anymore.

She knew that these two were unreliable!

Tao Yuxuan raised her phone.

“Its not my problem, its Leng Qiankuns problem! He said to leave everything to him!”

Shi Xi took a deep breath.

“A man can be relied on, but a sow can climb a tree.”

Tao Yuxuan felt the same.

“Thats right!”

As soon as she said that, Shi Xi felt something fall from the sky and float past the tip of her nose.

“Is it raining” Shi Xi reached out to catch the thing.

Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a red rose petal.

Shi Xi: …Its not raining.

Shes blind.

“Where did the petal come from” Tao Yuxuan looked over in surprise.

Then, more and more petals fell from the sky.

Bright red rose petals fell from the sky, forming a beautiful and stunning rose rain.

“Its so beautiful!”

“Wow, is this specially made for the banquet Its so romantic!”

“Im not even surprised to hear that someones going to propose in the next second!”

“Quick, take a photo! Take a photo!”

Shi Xi looked up and saw a helicopter in the sky!

And those petals were all falling from the helicopter.

“Its a helicopter! Are they here to sprinkle the petals”

“Of course.

I guess someone will propose soon.”

“Dont tell me Sheng Yan is going to propose to Shi Xi”

The crowd whispered and looked enviously at the main character of the party: Shi Xi.

The girl was wearing a gorgeous gown and an exquisite crown.

She raised her head slightly in the rose rain.

Her eyes were pure and clear, like a lost elven princess.


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