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Shi Xi only hoped that Tao Yuxuan would stop talking after she went along with Tao Yuxuans words.

Especially since she did not want to be a delicate and pitiful white lotus.

She was a little rich lady with millions of dollars, how could she be delicate and pitiful!

“I saw my manager, Ill go and greet him first.” It was the first time Shi Xi was so happy after seeing Han Chuan.

Finally, she had a reason to escape from the storm circle!

“Happy birthday, and congratulations to the future top student of Yanjing University.” Han Chuan was as sharp-tongued as ever, and his pretty face was filled with sincere congratulations.

“Thank you.” Shi Xi was even more sincere.

Because she saw Han Chuan, she could stay away from Tao Yuxuan and Ning Yu.

Three women in one show.

As expected, the three of them could not appear at the same time.

“Do you want to announce that you got into Yanjing University” Han Chuan asked.

“You can also buy a trending search and create a brainiac character.”


Shi Xi quickly shook her head.

“Forget it.

With my score, I can barely get into Yanjing University.

Its better not to f*ck up the brainiac character.”

Han Chuan chuckled.

“Other celebrities would memorize a book and start marketing the brainiac character.

But youre so modest when you got into Yanjing University.”

When Shi Xi heard Han Chuan say that, she pondered and said, “…Why dont I do some marketing as well Ill go to school in a few days to take a few photos and market the school belle persona at the same time

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“Brainiac It doesnt sound good.

How about school belle”

The smile on Han Chuans face froze.

Why are you so skilled at it!

Just now, he thought that Shi Xi was humble.

She was a lotus flower that came out of the mud in the entertainment circle but did not dye the clear ripples.

She was not a demon but a straight-A student that reached out to the outside world.

But the stream can be inferred from one thing, to marketing as a school belle!

How was that any different from other actresses!

“What do you think” Shi Xi asked Han Chuan modestly.

There is no expression on Han Chuans beautiful face.

“I will ask the Public Relations Department to evaluate which label and profile are more suitable for you.”

Shi Xi nodded, “I will absolutely cooperate!”

Han Chuan: …Too cooperative.

“You also know how to play the piano” Han Chuan arrived a little later and heard that Shi Xi was good at piano.

Shi Xi nodded.

“I do.”

“Hows your playing” Han Chuan asked casually.

Shi Xi: “Probably in the top 10 in the country.”

Han Chuan felt that he could help Shi Xi market a profile of a narcissistic woman.

He did not even need to promote her.

As long as he posted the occasional words that Shi Xi said, the netizens would stick the post-it note ofUniversal Faith Woman on her body.

Why was she so confident!

Was it because she was good-looking

Han Chuan could not help but look at Shi Xi.

Shi Xi touched her face and asked, “Whats wrong Is there something on my face”

“No.” Han Chuan changed the topic.

“Hows your dance training going recently”

Shi Xi nodded.

“Very good! Itll definitely amaze everyone!”

Han Chuan: Shes really confident.

“I saw a friend.

Excuse me.” Han Chuan wanted to be alone.

Shi Xi sighed.

She wanted to tell Han Chuan to remember to buy a few more trending searches for her when she was participating in the talent show.

With her current strength, it wouldnt be a problem for her to become an all-rounded ace.

But it wouldnt be possible without marketing.

Well, they would talk about it next time.

Shi Xi was lamenting when another foreigner came in from outside the banquet.

Shi Xi felt that he looked somewhat familiar.

“Teacher Sloke” When Shi Xu saw this person, he asked in surprise, “Why are you here”

Shi Xi recalled that this person was the piano instructor that the Shi family had hired for her and Shi Xu.

Tao Yuxuan accurately located Shi Xi and pulled her over, saying, “He must be here to celebrate Xi Xis birthday!”

Shi Xi smiled gently, thinking that it was impossible.


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