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Tao Yuxuan gritted her teeth and rebuked, “Youve scored so many points, why didnt you say anything Are you happy to treat us like monkeys”

Shi Xi was dumbfounded when she heard that.

This was something that she had never imagined.

Ning Yus eyes were indifferent as she said, “You guys havent asked me about my score.”

Ever since the score came down, they had been surrounding Shi Xi, asking about her well-being.

They were extremely concerned about Ning Yus score, Shi Xis application, Shi Xis school…

However, no one had ever asked about Ning Yus score.

They had only thought that Ning Yu could only get over 300 points since she was studying at No.

13 High School.

“Cant you say it yourself!” Tao Yu was exasperated.

If Ning Yu really got so many points, then all her sarcasm just now would be slapping herself in the face!

“Would you believe me if I told you” Ning Yu glanced at her.

Tao Yuxuan was speechless.

Who could believe that a person who fought and skipped classes every day at No.

13 High School could get 720 points

Shi Xi sighed at the side.

The young woman was still too impetuous.

Shi Xi had been stopping Tao Yuxuan from speaking, but she was still aggressive.

Now it was all right.

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Shi Xi stepped forward and said, “Alright, we should be happy that Sister can get such results.

Congratulations, Sister.”

As soon as she said that, Shi Xi felt that something was wrong.

She was clearly giving her sincere blessings to Ning Yu.

Why did her words become so white

Sure enough, Tao Yuxuan pulled Shi Xi and said, “Shes just a top scorer in science.

You dont have to be envious of her, Xi Xi.

“You can play the piano and even get picked by a professor from Yanjing University.”

“That country bumpkin cant compare to you!”

Shi Xi: …Sure enough, she shouldnt have said anything.

Tao Yuxuan pushed her forward again.

“Piano” He Zhenming took out another invitation letter and gave it to Ning Yu.

He said, “Oh right, I suddenly remembered that there was an invitation letter sent to you earlier.”

“It was personally sent to you by the Berkeley Academys piano master, Sloke.”

“How did you two meet Could it be that he took you in as his disciple”

“No.” Ning Yu looked at the invitation letter and said, “He invited me because of other things.

Dont worry about it.”

“What other things Cant you say it” Tao Yuxuan said in a strange tone.

“Hey, arent you being a little too harsh on Ning Yu!” A handsome boy on the field couldnt help but stand up for Ning Yu.

Shi Xi applauded in her heart.

She had long felt that there should be such a righteous person to stand up and stop Tao Yuxuans arrogant footsteps!

However, this person looked a little strange.

Student, could he be Ning Yus classmate at No.

13 High School Judging from his inexperienced appearance, he should be more or less the same age.

However, shouldnt Sheng Yan be the one to stand up and say such words

Shi Xi couldnt help but look in Sheng Yans direction.

Sheng Yan was eating fried chicken.

Shi Xi: …Serves him right for being bald!

“This classmate, my name isnthey.

My name is Tao Yuxuan.” Tao Yuxuan sized up this righteous boy and snorted lightly.

“Secondly, Im just raising my suspicions reasonably.”

Ning Yus eyes narrowed slightly, and her eyes were cold.

“Why Slake invited me has nothing to do with you.”

“Alright, dont doubt Ning Yu anymore.” Shi Xi thought to herself,Today is the day of the big wedding.

Have fun.

Tao Yuxuan was disappointed that she did not live up to her expectations.

“Xi Xi, you are just too kind.”

Shi Xi: “Yes, yes, you are right.”


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