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He Zhenming took another look and saw the sequence.

F*ck, he was also the top scorer in science from a few years ago!

Although these two people were not his students, He Zhenming, as the principal, had been a scholar for so many years and knew every top scorer like the back of his hand.

After all, He Zhenmings wish was to teach a top scorer.

Now that his wish had come true, He Zhenming was naturally ecstatic.

But when he looked at it this way, it seemed like only he was like a country bumpkin who had never seen the world.

The others all acted very blandly, as if they had just drunk a cup of water.

Even Ning Yu, who had obtained the top scorer in science herself, had an unperturbed look on her face.

So, was it because his knowledge was too lacking

He Zhenming picked up a cup of wine to calm himself down.

No, he was still the principal of a school.

He couldnt act like he hadnt seen the world before.

Especially in front of Principal Feng of No.

1 High School.

Therefore, He Zhenming became reserved.

“Today is really a good day!”

The others said, “Yes, yes, yes.” What exactly was this principal here for

Since he was a guest, they couldnt possibly chase He Zhenming out.

But this guest, wasnt he a little too lacking in self-awareness

He didnt even give her a gift

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Tao Yuxuan stood at the side and said with a smile, “Its good that Principal He is here.

He can also resolve the issue of Ning Yu not being able to go to other places to study.”

“With Ning Yus grades, she probably wont be able to go to other places to repeat her studies.

Why doesnt she stay at No.

13 High School and continue to repeat her studies for another year”

He Zhenming was dumbfounded.

“Ah ha”

At this moment, He Zhenmings assistant came in from outside.

As he walked, he said, “Excuse me, excuse me.

Sorry, please excuse me.”

The assistant held a big sign in his hand.

He walked through the crowd and came to He Zhenmings side with difficulty.

“Principal, Ive brought everything.”

He Zhenming was the principal of No.

13 High School.

He didnt have a chauffeur.

After the assistant dropped him off, he went to park the car and then brought him over.

“This is” The Shi familys parents were dumbfounded.

They werent the only ones.

The others were also dumbfounded when they saw the sign.

[Congratulations to our schools Ning Yu for being the top scorer of Feng City with a score of 720!]

There was an even bigger line of words below:

[Special reward of 100,000 yuan!]

It didnt matter how much the reward was

But why would Ning Yu be put together with the wordstop scorer

Tao Yuxuans state of mind collapsed.

“Did you send the wrong sign What does this mean How could Ning Yu get such a high score Today is April Fools Day”

Mother Shi also said, “Did you guys get it wrong Ning Yu has never been good at her studies.

How could she get 720 points”

Principal Feng said in surprise, “So the top scorer is actually in your school!”

They were all people who did not believe Ning Yu.

Father Shi said unhappily, “Principal He, are you making fun of me”

He Zhenming said in surprise, “Dont you know Ning Yus score is 720 points”

What nonsense.

If they knew, how could they have such an expression and question He Zhenming instead

Shi Xu walked forward and asked politely, “Are you sure this score is correct”

He Zhenmingg nodded proudly.

“This is the first time our No.

13 High School has a top scorer in science.

Of course, we have to verify it first!”

“After confirming that there is no mistake, we specially gave Student Ning Yu an award!”

As he said this, He Zhenming took out a stack of 100-yuan notes from his bag.

“Ive brought the 100,000 yuan reward!”

The moment the 100,000 yuan cash was taken out, everyone fell silent.

“It cant be.

Could it be that Ning Yu really got the top scorer in science”

“This He Zhenming is really the principal of No.

13 High School.

He wouldnt make such a big joke!”

“Just now, they were still talking about how high Shi Xis score was.

I didnt expect that Ning Yus score was even higher than Shi Xis!”

“Ning Yu is the top scorer in science.

How many points did Shi Xi get”

Shi Xi:…Can all of you who are just watching the show say a few less words How many points did she get If you dont get as high a score as I do, then shut up!

Irritable stream, shut up online.


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