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Shi Xi looked at Tao Yuxuan and pulled her away, not wanting her to continue speaking.

Others might not know how many points Ning Yu had scored, but she knew!

Ning Yu was a big shot with almost full marks!

How could she have only scored over 300!

“Principal Feng, do you think you can accept Ning Yu” Tao Yuxuan did not care about Shi Xis attempts to stop her and said what she wanted to say.

Seeing that she could not stop her, Shi Xi decided to shut up.

In any case, it would be Tao Yuxuan who would feel the pain in her face later.

Tao Yuxuans words attracted everyones attention to Ning Yu.

Mother Shi smiled apologetically and said, “Principal Feng, let Ning Yu go to No.

1 High School to repeat her studies.

Shes actually very smart!”

“She only got over 300 points for being smart” Tao Yuxuan deliberately picked on her.

The way Shi Xi looked at Tao Yuxuan was as if she was looking at a dead person.

Principal Feng looked at Ning Yu in embarrassment.

He said, “Madam Shi, its not that I dont want to accept Ning Yu.

Its just that the school has a rule that the repeat class at No.

1 High School this year will require at least 500 points.

Moreover, Ning Yu, this student, has even fought many times before…”

Ning Yus reputation as alittle delinquent had long been well-known in their line of work.

Principal Feng had heard a long time ago that No.

13 High School had alittle delinquent who couldnt be taught properly no matter how hard they tried.

She had skipped class and almost got expelled.

She was often used as a counterexample by the teachers to teach the next term.

When he heard this, Father Shi frowned slightly.

“Principal Feng, lets talk about the matter of Ning Yu repeating her studies later.

I heard that No.

1 High School is going to build a laboratory”

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Principal Fengs eyes lit up.


Tao Yu said to Ning Yu in a regretful tone, “What a pity.

Looks like you wont be able to repeat your studies at No.

1 High School!”

“Its really like heaven and earth.

When Shi Xi goes to Yanjing University, Ning Yu wont even be able to attend the repeaters class.”

“No matter what background she comes from, the day after tomorrows education is more important.”

“Looking at Ning Yus expression, its as if someone owes her 8 million! Shi Xi is still the most approachable person.”

Shi Xi, who was standing at the side, thought to herself,Cant you guys keep your voices down

The banquet was small to begin with, so the news of the principal of No.

1 High School rejecting Ning Yus admission to No.

1 High Schools repeater class quickly spread.

Although everyone present had the ability to send their children abroad for gold plating, and their status as overseas returnees sounded nice, many people still attached great importance to their college entrance exam scores.

Why didnt they go to Yanjing University

Was it because they didnt like it

At this moment, an energetic middle-aged man walked in from outside.

“Eh Principal Feng, youre here too! What a coincidence!” After the middle-aged man entered, he walked straight to Principal Feng and smiled brightly and arrogantly.

Father Shi asked in confusion, “You are”

“You must be President Shi, right” The middle-aged man laughed and introduced himself, “My name is He Zhenming, Im the principal of No.

13 High School.”

The principal of No.

13 High School… Wasnt that Ning Yus principal

Tao Yuxuan stood at the side and asked, “Ning Yu, what did you do Why did you let the principal find you at home”

Shi Xi had already given up on stopping Tao Yuxuan from courting death.

The female supporting role of cannon fodder, lets go to destruction together.

Ning Yu didnt say anything and looked at He Zhenming.

He Zhenming quickly explained, “Im here to congratulate you!”

“Congratulate us” Father Shi thought that He Zhenming was here to congratulate Ning Yu on her birthday, so he said plainly, “Thank you for coming.”

“No, no, no.” He Zhenming almost burst out laughing.

He was a little surprised to see no joy on the others faces.

Was he making a fuss over nothing

He turned his head and saw Sheng Yan.

Oh, f**k, wasnt this the top scorer in science!

No wonder everyone was so calm.


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