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It was the same four-leaf clover pendant, only the color of the pendant was different.

One was pink, and the other was green.

The one on Ning Yus hand was pink, tender and cute, with a hint of playfulness.

Shi Xis green four-leaf clover was fresh and natural, very similar to the color of her hair from that time.


This wasnot the same!

This years male lead couldnt do it!

“Are you very familiar with Sheng Yan” Ning Yu suddenly asked.

“Ah” Shi Xi came back to her senses and quickly denied it three times.

“No, no, not really!”

Ning Yu put the pendant back into the box.

“Is that so…”

Anyone else would know that Sheng Yan was Shi Xis fiancé, and the two of them had adeep relationship.

Shi Xi was even called Sheng Yans girlfriend and fiancée.

However, Ning Yu could tell that Shi Xi had no other intentions toward Sheng Yan.

“Xi Xi, youre here!” Tao Yuxuan looked around and when she saw Shi Xi, she held Shi Xis arm with a bright smile.

“What are you doing here Is this a gift from Sheng Yan”

Shi Xi nodded.


When Tao Yuxuan saw that Ning Yu had also received it, her eyes were filled with displeasure.

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If it wasnt for Ning Yu, Shi Xi would be the only little princess of the Shi family!

But she had to be here!

“Principal Feng from No.

1 High School is here.

Auntie asked me to call you over!” Tao Yuxuan smiled amiably.

“Ning Yu, you should come over too.

Maybe the principal will give Xi Xi face and allow you to repeat your studies at No.

1 High School!”

“I wont repeat my studies.” Ning Yu didnt need to repeat her studies.

“Its not a shameful thing to repeat your studies.

Uncle and Auntie have already spoken on your behalf.

You must study hard,” Tao Yuxuan said as she led the two of them in the direction of Mother Shi.

Everyone still didnt know Ning Yus score.

However, No.

13 High School had never produced any outstanding results.

Everyone guessed that Ning Yu had only scored 300 points.

Thus, the guess seemed to have become the real result, and everyone said that Ning Yu had only gotten 300 marks.

“300 marks! She cant even go to a university.”

“Shes the biological daughter of the Shi family.

She will probably go overseas to be gilded before coming back to the company!”

“Who knows Shi Xi got over 600 marks, but Ning Yu hasnt even gotten half of it!”

Tao Yuxuan heard the discussion and smiled.

“Oh right, Ning Yu, if you get 300 marks, you probably wont be able to go to No.

1 High School to repeat!”

Repeat classes also had a requirement for grades.

A better repeat class had a requirement for the college entrance examination.

The repeaters at No.

1 High School had always only accepted students who were above the undergraduate level of the college entrance examination.

As for the other repeaters, they had their own requirements.

Some wanted grades, and some wanted achievements.

Of course, if they had money, that was another story.

“I wont repeat,” Ning Yu repeated again.

“My grades can get me into university.”

Mother Shi saw Shi Xi walking over and said with a smile, “Xi Xi, come quickly.

Principal Feng specially came to see you.”

Principal Feng was in his prime and had a dignified appearance.

He handed over a gift.

“Congratulations on your admission to Yanjing University.

Today is your birthday.

Happy birthday to you.”

“Thank you, Principal Feng.” Shi Xi received the gift obediently.

The principal was not here to see her!

Principal Feng was clearly here to thank the Shi family for taking care of No.

1 High School!

After all, Shi Xu and Shi Xi went to school at No.

1 High School.

The Shi family had invested a lot in the schools facilities and teaching buildings.

“By the way, Principal Feng, I wonder when your repeater class will start this year” Tao Yu askedat the right time from the side.

She seemed to be worried about Ning Yu, but in her heart, she wanted to see Ning Yu make a fool of herself.

She asked, “This is Shi Xis sister, Ning Yu.

She went to school at No.

13 High School and scored over 300 points in the college entrance exam…”


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