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Tao Yuxuan said these words to embarrass Ning Yu.

After all, although Ning Yu was the real daughter of the Shi family, she was ignorant and had never entered the socialite circle.


In the eyes of most people, Ning Yu was just a country bumpkin from the mountains, a delinquent girl from No.

13 High School, and a scumbag who couldnt get into university.

Even at such an important moment today, she was dressed casually, and it was only in the middle of the banquet that she arrived.


What kind of gift could such a person give

“Is this the Shi familys exiled daughter She looks very ordinary.”

“Shi Xi is still better looking and has a temperament.”

“Ning Yu hasnt changed her name yet, so she definitely wont be liked by the Shi family.”


Everyone chimed in, feeling that Ning Yu did not know how to be polite.

Shi Xi spoke up for Ning Yu.

“Sister Ning Yu might have been delayed by something.

Come over and eat the cake!”

She cut the first piece of cake!

Tao Yuxuan pulled Shi Xi.

“Youre just too kind.

Thats why youve been bullied by Ning Yu.

Have you forgotten that she chased you out previously”

“That was because I wanted to go out to live because I was going to film,” Shi Xi clarified once again.

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However, no one believed her.

“Shi Xi is really understanding!”

“That true daughter is just not as good as Shi Xi.”

“A useless person is just a useless person.

Even if you fly up a branch, you wont become a phoenix.”

Everyone whispered and discussed in low voices.

They thought that they were whispering, but Ning Yus hearing was very good, so all the mockery was heard by her.

Perhaps, they didnt care if Ning Yu could hear it.

“Ning Yu, wheres your birthday present” Tao Yuxuan urged again.

Ning Yu had one hand in her pocket, and her eyes were cold.

Tao Yuxuan met her eyes and couldnt help but shrink back.

Ning Yus eyes were so cold!

“This is a present for Shi Xi.” Ning Yu took out a red string pendant from her pocket, and with a flick of her thumb, the pendant flew in an elegant parabola in the air.

Tao Yuxuan saw Ning Yus movements and followed the movement of the pendant in fear that it would fall into the cake.

She had been making the cake for an entire day!

The thing that she was worried about did not happen.

Shi Xi reached out her hand and caught the red rope pendant that Ning Yu threw.

Under the red rope was a crystal clear jade gourd.

Tao Yuxuan saw that the thing did not fall into the cake and heaved a sigh of relief.

She snatched the gourd pendant from Shi Xis hand and pinched the rope to look at the light.

She said disdainfully, “What is this…” a piece of trash

After she clearly saw the material of the jade gourd, she held back the last few words.

Under the bright light, the jade gourd under the red string was crystal clear.

If one looked carefully, one could even see the purple jade marrow flowing in the middle.

This was a top-notch Jade Heart!

Tao Yuxuan had always thought that Ning Yu was a country bumpkin.

Even when she returned to the Shi family, she would not have much knowledge.

When she saw the red rope pendant that Ning Yu threw at her, Tao Yuxuan thought that it was a fake that she had bought from a stall.

It did not even have a packaging box.

However, she did not expect it to be a top-grade Jade Heart!

She had only said half of her sentence of “What is this…” a piece of trash

Tao Yuxuan was standing beside Shi Xi.

She was also standing on the steps, a little higher than the others.

She raised the jade gourd in such a way that the others looked over in boredom.

They saw the purple radiance flowing within the jade gourd.

“F*ck! is that a Jade Heart! Am I seeing things!”

“It cant be wrong.

Its a top-grade Jade Heart.

I wont be mistaken!”

The guests present were all people who recognized the quality of the jade.

There was no lack of jewelry merchants.

They could tell the quality of the jade just by looking at it with their sharp eyes.


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