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“Alright, its time to cut the cake.” When Mother Shi saw that it was almost time, she got someone to bring the cake up.

Shi Xi looked around and asked, “Wheres Ning Yu”

Today was their birthday!

But looking at the situation, it seemed like this birthday was held for her alone.

Mother Shi frowned unhappily.

“She was here just now.

Why did she disappear”

Shi Xi said, “Ill go look for her.”

“Wait, the cake is here.

Lets cut the cake first before looking for her.” Shi stopped Shi Xi.

What was the point of looking for Ning Yu after cutting the cake!!

Just as Shi Xi was about to speak, the lights dimmed, and a happy birthday song sounded on the stage.

The crowd automatically split into two rows, and everyone watched as the five-layer cake was brought in.

Shi Xi looked over in surprise.

First, she was surprised at the size of the cake.

The five-layer cake was almost taller than a person, and there were 18 candles on it.

Second, she was surprised at the person pushing the cake!

Who could tell her when Tao Yuxuan was back!

The person pushing the cake in was none other than the female cannon fodder, Tao Yuxuan, who was supposed to be flirting with handsome guys overseas.

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Tao Yuxuan was wearing a long blue dress.

She was pushing the five layers of the exquisite cake as she slowly walked in.

When she saw Shi Xis surprised expression, she was very pleased.

“Surprise! Youre surprised, right!”

Shi Xi: “Its quite a surprise.”

But it was more of a bad surprise.

Tao Yuxuan chuckled.

“Ill definitely rush back for your birthday.

Hurry up and make a wish and blow out the candles!”

Shi Xi was no longer in the mood to think about where Ning Yu was.

Ning Yu would probably appear soon in places where Tao Yuxuan was.

Shi Xi pressed her palms together, closed her eyes, and made a sincere wish on the cake:

‘Please, let me live in peace! Let me have a peaceful birthday party!

‘God, Jesus, Bodhisattva, Buddha, and other gods, please help me!

After making the wish, Shi Xi wanted to blow out the candles in one breath.

However, with such a big cake, 18 candles were inserted into it, and Shi Xi only blew out three candles in one breath.

She almost gasped for breath.

After blowing out all the candles, the lights in the hall lit up.

Shi Xi picked up the cake knife and began to cut the first piece.

In such a grand scene, Ning Yu walked in from outside in short sleeves and long pants.

Seeing that a piece of the birthday cake had been cut, Ning Yu pursed her lips slightly and lowered her cold eyes, not saying a word.

Shi Xi stood on the steps and cut the cake.

As if they had a tacit understanding, she looked up at the door and happened to meet Ning Yus eyes.

“Xi Xi” Tao Yuxuan was stunned for a moment when she saw Shi Xi.

She followed her gaze and saw Ning Yu who had just entered.

“Eh Its Ning Yu!” Tao Yuxuan had never given Ning Yu a good look.

She lifted her chin slightly and said arrogantly, “Today is Xi Xis birthday.

What birthday gift did you prepare”

Shi Xi knew that it was about to start when she heard Tao Yuxuans provocative words.

Ning Yus gaze fell on Tao Yuxuan.

Her eyes were as cold as ice.

“What did you give her”

“I made this cake with my own hands!” Tao Yuxuan found a way to show off.

“I baked the bread, whipped the butter, and even the flowers on it! I also wrote the happy birthday on it!”

The most precious thing was the time of the rich and the money of the poor.

Tao Yuxuan was willing to spend time to make such a big cake.

It was enough to show that she truly regarded Shi Xi as a good friend.

Shi Xi: “…When did you come back”

“Thats not the point.” Tao Yuxuan looked at Ning Yu with an expression as if she was looking at a joke.

“You didnt prepare a gift, did you”


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