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All the guests raised their heads to look at Shi Xi, their eyes staring straight at her.

They all knew that Shi Xi was the number one socialite in Feng City, elegant and generous, but every time they saw Shi Xi, they felt that she was even more beautiful than before.

After that, he flashed a fawning smile at the young woman, who stared at him for a moment before releasing his ear.

After regaining his freedom, the young man rubbed his ear and cursed at Wind Lord, who was inside the mirror.

He was clenching his teeth as if he had shifted all the blame to Wind Lord for the pain he had suffered.

A moment later, he put on a smile and let out a breath before saying, “Its said that Dao changes everything, be it for better or for worse.

Everything in this world is inconstant, including Humans.”

After he finished speaking, he took a step forward and directly entered the mirror.

As a ripple spread across its surface, the young man disappeared from the room.

The next moment, he appeared in the hall and stood in front of Wind Lord.

The young man was handsome and his smile appeared harmless.

Wind Lord was flabbergasted because from his perspective, the young man appeared too abruptly, as though he just walked out of the Void with no signs prior to that.

Wind Lord narrowed his eyes and stared at the young man warily, given that even with his cultivation, he still wasnt able to gauge how powerful this young man was.

Other than the fact that he himself was in a terrible state currently, it also went to show that the young man before him was truly extraordinary.


Mother Shi hurriedly said, “Xi Xi has been smart since she was young.

Her essay even won an essay competition in the city!”

Shi Xi: “”

She managed to dig out this memory from the original owners memory with much difficulty.

It was something that happened at Shi Xis primary school.

It was difficult for Mother Shi to remember so clearly.

Mother Shi continued to praise Shi Xi.

“Xi Xi also learned to play the piano.

I heard that learning music is very helpful to literature.

Xi Xi, go play a song for Professor Yan.”

Shi Xi: “…Okay.”

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Seeing Mother Shi like this, she couldnt refuse.

Fortunately, the piano was always placed in the living room.

Shi Xi walked to the piano and sat down.

She took a deep breath.

She had learned to play the piano herself, so she was calm and collected.

She pressed her fingers on the keys and closed her eyes.

She felt the power of the piano.

She felt the emotions brought about by the music.

She was immersed in the world of the original work.

The girls slender fingers fell on the keys.

She was like a ballet dancer dancing on the black and white keys.

She was light and elegant.

The elegant and quiet sound of the piano came out.

The banquet gradually quieted down.

They listened to the sound of the girls piano.

The pure and elegant music seemed to be able to cleanse everyones heart.

When the last key fell, Shi Xi let go.

“Ive embarrassed myself.” Shi Xi smiled embarrassedly.

“I havent played the piano for a long time.

Im a little rusty.”

“Youre too modest.

To be able to play so well, youre qualified to even go to Yanjing.” Leng Qiankun began to praise without thinking.

Shi Xi: “…”

Just ignore this persons words.

“Its very nice.

Its much better than before.” It was unknown when Shi Xu had arrived by her side.

The most direct praise came from the applause of the audience.

The continuous applause made Shi Xi even more embarrassed.

She really hadnt played the piano for a long time, and she even made two mistakes in the middle.

This group of peoples praise made her feel guilty!

“Not bad.

What was your score for the college entrance exam” Professor Yan asked.

Before Shi Xi could say anything, Mother Shi had already answered.

“Xi Xi scored 666 points.” Mother Shi was smiling too happily.

Professor Yan nodded slightly.

“This score can be applied to my Literature Department.

When the time comes, you can contact me and become my student.”

Shi Xi gave a fake smile.

“Alright, thank you, Professor Yan.”

Professor Yan nodded.

She reminded, “Ive read your composition before.

Youre very talented in writing.

During the holidays, you can read your books properly.

When the semester starts, you can write your thesis with me.

If theres anything you dont understand, you can ask me.

Ill help you.”

Shi Xi listened from the side, looking very obedient.

The guests beside her were also praising:

“The Shi familys daughter is so promising! The professor from Yanjing University personally taught her.”

“Who asked her to get such a high score!”

“The Shi family really knows how to teach their daughter.”

“I just dont know how much that biological daughter got.” At this point in time, someone just had to bring up something unpleasant.

“Ning Yu, right Why isnt she here” someone asked doubtfully.

This person wasnt the only one who was puzzled.

Shi Xi was also puzzled.

Where did Ning Yu go

She had already been praised highly enough.

It was almost time for Ning Yu to show up and start the face-smacking segment, right

Thinking of what she would experience later, Shi Xi struggled to maintain the fake smile on her face.


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