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Pei Jie still greeted the dance teacher, as if there was no Shi Xi in the dance studio.

After Shi Xi finished practicing, she enjoyed Pei Jies dance for a while.

Although the two of them had never spoken, they had both seen each others dance and understood each other.

Shi Xi watched for half an hour before she slowly returned home after resting.

At the Shi Residence.

When Shi Xi returned home, she realized that there was something wrong with the house.

“What banquet are you holding” Shi Xi asked in puzzlement.

“Its your birthday banquet!” Mother Shi was busying herself.

When she saw Shi Xi, she pushed her and said, “Hurry up and change your clothes.”

Shi Xi: “”

Her birthday banquet

Why didnt she know about it

When did it happen

Shi Xi felt that she had been skipping around recently.

She actually knew nothing about these things.

Ning Yu said, “I know all about it.

Dont you know”

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Shi Xi: “!”

Even Ning Yu knew about it!

Was she the only one who didnt know

Shi Xi resigned herself to fate and went to change her clothes.

She vaguely recalled the birthday banquet.

It seemed that Mother Shi had mentioned it to her before.

It was just that she had been too engrossed in practicing her dance recently and had neglected this matter.

Mother Shi was the one who had organized the banquet.

She did not need Shi Xi to do anything, so Shi Xi did not take it to heart.

All she needed to do was to remember to register for the examination on time tomorrow.

System: [Remember todays plot point!]

Shi Xi: “…”

She remembered now.

It was not that she had forgotten about the birthday banquet, it was that she did not want to think about it at all.

The birthday banquet was an important plot point in the original plot.

In this plot point, she was slapped in the face endlessly.

Ning Yu was proficient in all kinds of calligraphy and painting, and her results were outstanding.

Her 720 marks attracted the attention of the principal of Yanjing University.

Sheng Yan even prepared a special gift for Ning Yu, which made Shi Xi lose all face at the party.

Shi Xi was no longer willing to be a human.

But no matter how unwilling she was, the party was already prepared.

Shi Xi changed into a pure white dress and sat in the room, enjoying her last moments of leisure.

“Xi Xi” Shi Xu knocked on the door and came in.

When he saw Shi Xi leaning against the sofa, looking like she had nothing to live for, he asked with a smile, “Whats wrong”

When Shi Xi saw that it was Shi Xu, she sat up straight and said embarrassedly, “Its nothing, Im just a little tired.”

“If practicing dancing is too tiring, dont go in the future.” Shi Xu doted on this younger sister of his.

“Youre still young.

Just go to school properly.

Leave the work of earning money to your older brother.”

“You just need to do the hard work of spending money.”

The hard work of spending money…

Shi Xi was often unable to respond because the difference in consciousness between them was too big.

“Its okay, I occasionally want to experience how easy it is to earn money.” Shi Xi could only reply in Versailles.

Shi Xu smiled and raised his hand to touch Shi Xis hair.

“Hairstyle!” Shi Xi avoided his hand so that her carefully combed bun head would not be harmed.

“It wont be messy if I touch it.” Shi Xu pressed on Shi Xis shoulder, and with his other hand, he took out a small tiara from his pocket and put it on Shi Xis head.

“Its a birthday present for you.”

Shi Xi looked at the makeup mirror in the room, looked left and right, and nodded.

“It looks good.

Thank you, Big Brother!”

“Lets go.

Ill bring you down.”


Birthday banquet.

The guests were chatting happily downstairs.

Suddenly, the lights dimmed.

A beam of light fell on the stairs.

Shi Xi held onto Shi Xus arm and walked down the stairs.

Shi Xu was in a suit and tie.

His figure was tall and straight, and there was a gentle smile at the corner of his mouth.

The girl beside him was dressed in a pure white dress.

She wore a shiny and beautiful tiara on her hair.

She looked like a noble little princess.

Shi Xi was already originally beautiful.

Dressing up a little, she was even more beautiful.


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