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Shi Xi walked slowly against the wall for a while before sitting down to massage her legs.

Her gaze unconsciously fell on the dance teacher and the boy who had come half an hour earlier to learn dance.

Pei Jie

The dance teacher played a lively piece of music, and Pei Jie danced to the music.

His movements were clean and neat, and he was very handsome.

Shi Xi could only say one word.

If this were a school, Pei Jie would be an excellent demonstration student, the kind of model representative who could go up on stage and give a speech.

She would also be the representative, the representative of the poor students.

Pei Jie reviewed a piece of dance, and the dance teacher wanted to teach him a new dance.

Shi Xi was almost done with her rest.

She greeted the dance teacher and left.

After Shi Xi left, the dance teacher said, “Thats Shi Xi.

Shes a small celebrity thats been quite popular recently.”

Pei Jie nodded.

“I know.”

Three hot days a day, eight million followers a night… Shi Xis popularity was even wider than she had imagined.

The dance teacher said, “Arent you going to take the initiative to get to know her and become friends with her”

Pei Jie did not say anything.

The dance teacher said, “Why dont I set a trap and treat you guys to a meal”

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Pei Jies gaze was indifferent.

“Theres no need.”

“Tsk, I know that you guys cant fall in love, but you still have to have normal interactions, right” The dance teacher had known Pei Jie for a long time.

He said sincerely, “Shi Xi suddenly came to learn dance, and it seems like shes going to participate in some program.

Having more friends means more paths.

If you keep being so boring, no one will like you.”

Pei Jie said, “Once youre done, continue teaching me the next part.”

Dance teacher: “… Straight guy.



When Shi Xi came out of the dance studio, she saw Xie Yunzhous car.

She walked over and only saw Xie Yunzhous assistant.

The assistant smiled and said, “Miss Shi Xi, President Xie is still in a meeting.

He asked me to send you home.”

“Thank you.” Shi Xi got into the car and asked, “Dont you need to attend the meeting”

The smile on the assistants face froze.

“Ill just go back and look at the meeting records.”

If the driver hadnt taken a leave of absence, this job wouldnt have been his.

However, from the looks of it, Miss Shi Xi was very likely to be the future Lady Boss.

‘No, thats not right.

Miss Shi Xi has a fiancé!! Is the boss going to be a mistress!

The assistants heart was in a war.

On one side was the boss he worked for, and on the other side was Sheng Yan, who had nothing to do with him and was even competing with the company.

Go, Boss!

He had to snatch Sheng Yans fiancée just like how he snatched Sheng Yans contract!

With that thought, his assistant was suddenly fired up.

This was a great opportunity to suppress his competitors!

After sending Shi Xi to the Shi family, his assistant opened the car door for her and handed her a business card.

“Miss Shi Xi, if you need a car in the future, you can look for me directly.”

Shi Xi was confused: “”

Are you Xie Yunzhous assistant or my driver

Shi Xi was a little confused, but she still took the business card.

“Thank you.”


Not long after Shi Xi left the dance studio, someone posted a video of #Shi Xi Dance Studios Dance Practice#.

@Ritard: [I received a submission.

Some fans saw Shi Xi going to the dance studio to practice.

Is she going to participate in some dance program]

The attached video was a short clip of Shi Xi walking into the dance studio.

It seemed to have been secretly recorded.

[Isnt she filming Why is she going to practice dancing again]

[Dance program [Dance Trainee] or [I am the King of Dance]]

[Is it because she cant continue filming and is preparing to participate in a variety show and wash her slate clean at the same time This routine is worn out.]


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