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Shi Xi was not ashamed, but rather proud.

“Yeah, Im just greedy and selfish, just like the other vicious female supporting actors.

Whats wrong”

The system was so choked that it could not retort.

The CPU was red with anger.

[You, are you not embarrassed]

“Of course Im not embarrassed!” Not only did Shi Xi say that, she waved her hand and signed her name.

Seeing that Shi Xi readily accepted the villa, the assistants eyes turned as red as a rabbit.

He wanted it too!

Xie Yunzhou heaved a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “Are you free today Ill bring you to see the house.”

Shi Xi said awkwardly, “Maybe next time.

I still have to go to class in the afternoon.”

Xie Yunzhou was puzzled.


“Dance class.” Shi Xi explained, “I was just about to go out to go to dance class.”

‘In the end, I met Xie Yunzhou.

“Ill send you.” Xie Yunzhou stood up.

“Lets go.”

“Ah Okay, okay.” Shi Xi was not an adult yet, so she could not drive on the road.

She originally wanted to use the car-hailing app to hail a taxi, but she did not expect Xie Yunzhou to be faster than her in hailing a taxi…

Xie Yunzhou not only sent Shi Xi to the dance studio, he also asked Shi Xi when class was over.

After Xie Yunzhou left, Shi Xi let out a sigh of relief.

It was really too tiring to stay with the villain.

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The one who taught Shi Xi dance was a male teacher.

It was said that he was very famous in the circle, and many idols had learned dance from him.

Shi Xi knew that she didnt have much time to prepare for the competition, so she only prepared to learn two dances.

Anyway, she was just practicing her character design from scratch.

She would learn it after she entered the program!

“Hey, you learn dance very quickly!” During the break, the dance teacher handed over a bottle of water and asked with a smile, “Are you going to participate in the talent show”

Shi Xi smiled awkwardly and only responded to the previous topic.

“Maybe because I had some foundation in the past, I learned faster.”

“Im just asking casually.

Recently, a lot of people have come to my place to learn dance, saying that they want to prepare for some talent show or program.” The dance teacher saw that Shi Xi was unwilling to say more, so he didnt ask further.

“Continue practicing”

“Sure!” Shi Xi drank half a bottle of water and continued practicing.

Two hours later, a tall and thin boy walked into the dance studio.

He was wearing a mask and hat.

Seeing that the dance teacher was leading the others, he consciously waited at the side.

Han Chuan had enrolled Shi Xi in one-on-one private lessons.

Each lesson lasted three hours and was taught in a separate dance studio.

When the dance teacher saw the boy walk in, he said, “Pei Jie, my lesson is still half an hour later.

Wait for me by the side for a while.”

The boy known as Pei Jie nodded and warmed up by the side.

The dance teacher continued to teach Shi Xi.

When the time was up, he even reminded Shi Xi to practice more.

Shi Xi lay on the ground tiredly.

“Got it.

Thank you, Teacher.”

The dance teacher said, “Dont lie down.

Take a walk.

Otherwise, your legs will hurt tomorrow.”

It was obvious that Shi Xi did not exercise very often.

If she suddenly did high-intensity exercise, her muscles would definitely ache.

“Ill get up right away.” Shi Xi flipped over and her injured elbow poked the floor.

It was a heart-wrenching pain.

Sob, sob, sob.

Shi Xi almost cried from the pain.

The dance teacher walked over.

“Are you alright”

Shi Xi propped herself up on the floor and said sourly, “Im fine.” She would be fine after crying for a month.

The dance teacher said worriedly, “Your stamina isnt good enough! You need to train hard and keep up with your bodys nutrition.

Eat more meat.”

Shi Xi clenched her fists.

“Ill definitely eat more meat when I go back tonight!”

The dance teacher: You clearly didnt listen to what I said properly!!


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