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Fortunately, lunch was ready.

The two of them went to eat and did not discuss the scores again.

After lunch, Ning Yu went upstairs to get something and went out again.

Eh, she was going to be alone in the empty house again.

Shi Xi finished the pork rib soup and thought of the scores.

She simply sent the score to her friends so that they would not ask again.

Tao Yuxuan: [Xi Xis score is 666!]

Sheng Yan: [Not bad.]

Leng Qiankun: [As expected of Shi Xi Xi.]


Shi Xi replied to two random answers and was ready to leave.

She still had dance lessons in the afternoon for the [Star Idol] variety show.

Lets go!

Shi Xi changed into a set of clothes suitable for dancing and was ready to leave.

As soon as she came out of the Shi Residence, Shi Xi saw a luxury car driving over not far away.

It seemed like it was coming to the Shi Residence.


She was the only one in the Shi Residence.

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Was she going to skip class to entertain the guests

Shi Xi sighed.

The car was a little closer, and Shi Xi recognized that it was Xie Yunzhous Maybach.

Holy sh*t!

She shouldnt have eaten those spare ribs!

Not only did she offend Ning Yu, but she also met Xie Yunzhou! !

The car stopped.

Xie Yunzhou got out of the car and asked Shi Xi, “Are you going out”

“Ah, its fine if I dont go out.” Shi Xi turned to invite Xie Yunzhou into the house and said, “Come in and have a seat My house is empty.”

“Empty” Xie Yunzhous eyes flickered.

What did Shi Xi mean by that

Was she trying to hint at something

Shi Xi didnt think too much about it and said bluntly, “Yes, Im the only one at home.”

Father Shi was at the company while Mother Shi was shopping.

Oh, no, she was playing mahjong.

Ning Yu came back and left.

Sheng Yan came for lunch and left too…

Xie Yunzhou was already thinking about the arrangements for the wedding room.

“Why are you here” Shi Xi brought Xie Yunzhou into the Shi family home.

“What happened to your arm” Xie Yunzhou grabbed the girls wrist and clearly saw the injury on Shi Xis arm.

Shi Xi had changed into a short-sleeved shirt and long pants before leaving the house, covering the wound on her knee.

The wound on her elbow was still exposed.

Xie Yunzhou thought that he had seen wrongly.

After taking a closer look, he realized that she was really injured.

She was fine yesterday.

Why was she injured today

Was the Shi family abusing Shi Xi

Xie Yunzhou narrowed his eyes and a cold glint flashed across his eyes.

“I accidentally fell down the stairs.” Shi Xi sighed and shared her lesson.

“Never go downstairs with your eyes closed.”

Xie Yunzhou: “…”

After entering the Shi family home, Shi Xi poured tea for Xie Yunzhou and asked, “Are you here to look for me”

If Xie Yunzhou wanted to look for Father Shi or Shi Xu, he would definitely go directly to the Shi familys company and not come to the family home.

“En.” Xie Yunzhou took the document from his assistant and handed it to Shi Xi.

“This is for you.

Sign it.”

“What is it” Shi Xi took the document and flipped it open.

She saw the wordshouse transfer on it.

Shi Xi was confused: “”

“This is the villa in the East Lake Villa.

If you have nowhere to go in the future, you can live there directly.” Xie Yunzhou paused and added, “Consider it as a thank you gift for saving my life.”

Previously, Xie Yunzhou wanted his assistant to give it to Shi Xi, but he wanted to see Shi Xi, so he came personally.

After the matter of the Shi famillys parents forcibly transferring the shares, Shi Xi was no longer surprised by this situation.

She did not reply to Xie Yunzhou, but instead asked the system, “Little Tong, can I take this house”

The system was shocked: [Are you embarrassed!

“Whats there to be embarrassed about!” Shi Xi said confidently, “I saved his life!”

The system: […Youre not afraid of him anymore]

Shi Xi: “Oh, if Im destined to be thrown into the river to feed the fish, then it wouldnt be too much for me to take his house, right”

The system couldnt find any loopholes in Shi Xis words.

After holding it in for a long time, it finally said: [I didnt expect you to be such a greedy and snobbish person! Youre exactly the same as those female supporting actors who are trying to curry favor with others!!]


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