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Shi Xi: “”

Ning Yu said coldly, “Looking at him like a dog, I didnt expect him to hit a woman! Im going to teach him a lesson!”

“No, no!” Shi Xi quickly pulled Ning Yu back.

“I fell on my own.”

Ning Yu stopped in her tracks, her eyes filled with confusion.

“You fell on your own”

Shi Xi said with a pained expression, “I was sleeping when Sheng Yan came to visit.

I didnt see it clearly when I went downstairs, so I missed my step.”

Therefore, when one went downstairs, one had to focus on going downstairs and not multitask.

“Be careful in the future.” Ning Yu took out a small porcelain bottle from her bag.

Seeing that Shi Xis knee was already covered with medicine, she said, “Apply this medicine on your arm.”

“Arm” Shi Xi looked at her arm in surprise.

She didnt know that she had hurt her arm when she fell!

There was only one word.

The wound was on her elbow, and Shi Xi couldnt touch it.

Ning Yu washed the wound with water and applied the medicine on Shi Xi.

Looking at Ning Yu who was seriously applying the medicine on her, Shi Xi was touched.

Sob, sob, sob, sob, the female protagonist was too kind.

Although she looked cold and hard to approach, she was actually a beautiful person with a kind heart!

A cold touch came from the wound and soon stopped the pain.

Shi Xi could clearly feel that this medicine was much more effective than the medicine she applied on her knees.

Having a miracle doctor sister was too good!

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Mommy doesnt have to worry about me getting hurt anymore!

Just as this thought flashed through her mind, her phone rang.

Shi Xis phone was placed on the table.

The caller ID showed: Mom.

Ning Yu heard the sound and looked over.

She also saw the caller and did not say anything.

Shi Xi picked up the phone.

“Mom, whats wrong”

A clear mahjong sound came from the other end.

“Xi Xi, I heard that the college entrance exam results are out today.

Did you check your score”

Shi Xis opportunity to come to this world happened to be right after the college entrance exam.

The original owner had already overestimated the score.

It was around 660 points.

It could be said that she was guaranteed to get into Yanjing University.

However, the evaluation score was not the real score.

Shi Xi said, “Ill check it now.”

Shi Xi logged in from her phone and found the college entrance examination score: 666 points.


The score was not only quite high, it was also quite auspicious.

“666 points.

Its about the same as the original evaluation score.

I should be able to get into Yanjing University,” Shi Xi said.

On the other end of the phone, Mother Shi happily bragged to her mahjong players, “Aiya, Xi Xis score has come out.

Its 666 points!”

The mahjong players expressed their congratulations one after another.

“Xi Xi is really amazing!”

“She scored more than 600 points.

Xi Xi has a bright future ahead of her!”

Mother Shi played mahjong and said to the phone, “My daughter is really amazing! Ill give you a reward when I get back!”

Another mahjong player asked, “Oh right, how many points did Ning Yu get”

Ning Yu looked at the score that she had just found out and was about to report it when she heard Mother Shi say,”How many points can she get As long as she can get into a university, thats enough.

Xi Xi, Im hanging up first.

Wait for me to go home!”

In her tone, she felt that Ning Yu wouldnt be able to get into a university.

The call ended.

Shi Xi:…Mom!! Just listen to how many points Ning Yu got! The female lead sister got more than 700 points!!!!!!

“Well, how many points did you get” Shi Xi looked at Ning Yu.

Ning Yu put away her phone and said calmly, “Not many points.”

The 720 points and the first place in science in the province were all hidden in the extinguished screen.

Shi Xi knew that Ning Yu must have gotten a high score, but Mother Shis words just now were too hurtful.

“Lets eat first!” Just as the kitchen finished preparing lunch, Shi Xi started to change the topic.


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