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Father Shi and Shi Xu were all eating at the company.

Mother Shi and her friends were together, and Ning Yu was nowhere to be found.

Looking at Sheng Yan across the table, Shi Xi had no appetite at all.

Although Sheng Yan was very handsome, she didnt want to have too many interactions with Sheng Yan.


If Ning Yu misunderstood, it would be bad.

Shi Xi didnt want to be a mistress.

Hence, Shi Xi, who had a poor appetite, only ate two bowls of rice.

Sheng Yan looked at the bowl of rice that he had yet to finish and fell into deep thought.

How did Shi Xi manage to eat more than a pig and still remain so thin

After lunch, Sheng Yan asked, “What gift do you want”

Shi Xi: “Ah”

“Your birthday is coming up soon.

What birthday gift do you want” Sheng Yan lifted his chin slightly.

“Just ask.”

He was now the president of Sheng Shi Jewelry and had more than 100 million in cash on hand.

Whatever Shi Xi wanted, he could get it easily.

Shi Xi thought to herself,I want to live until after the plot point of feeding the fish.

Can you give it to me

“Just buy anything.

I dont need anything.” Shi Xi was a little full from eating.

She half-lay on the sofa and was extremely relaxed.

Sheng Yan saw that Shi Xi was so undignified in private, so he took a few more glances.

In Sheng Yans impression, ever since that real daughter, Ning Yu, had returned, Shi Xis personality had been more restrained.

She was much better than her previous mischievous and unruly personality.

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If Shi Xi had been so obedient, he would not have minded continuing this engagement.

“What are you looking at” Shi Xi felt uncomfortable under his stare.

She sat up straight and tidied up her skirt.

The skirt she was wearing was over her knee, but it had slipped a little when she was lying down.

But he couldnt see anything!

She didnt expect that other than being bald, the male lead was also a pervert —

“Your knee is red.

Doesnt it hurt” Sheng Yan asked the maid to bring the medical kit over while he walked to Shi Xis side.

“Roll up your clothes and let me take a look.”

Shi Xi: “!”

Shi Xi covered her skirt.

“Ill go back to my room and apply the medicine myself!”

When Sheng Yan did not say anything, she did not feel much pain in her knee.

When he talked about her injury, Shi Xi felt a faint pain in her knee.

“Remember to apply the medicine then.” Sheng Yan also felt that the wound area was a little sensitive, so he took his leave and said, “Ill go back to the company first.”

Shi Xis eyes lit up.

“Bye, Ill see you out.”

Sheng Yan: “…”

Was it his imagination

He kept feeling that Shi Xi couldnt wait to chase him away.

It must be an illusion.

Shi Xi liked him so much, so how could she chase him away

“Ill take you out to play when I have time.” Sheng Yan stood up, stuck out his chest, and left arrogantly.

Shi Xi looked at his back and thought,As expected of the male lead.

His figure was tall and straight, and his back was loyal and unyielding.

Ah, this idiom was not used in this way.

After sending Sheng Yan away, Shi Xi sat on the sofa and applied some medicine on her knee.

She did not feel it when she fell, but her knee was bruised.

Shi Xi rubbed the bruised area as she lamented to the system, “What kind of life is this!”

The system replied mechanically, [The life of a vicious female companion.]

Shi Xi: “…”

She must change her fate!

Just when Shi Xi thought that she was going to spend this sad day in silence, Ning Yu suddenly returned.

“Eh Youre back” Shi Xi was still applying medicine and asked in surprise, “Have you eaten”

Ning Yu hesitated for a moment.


Shi Xi asked the kitchen to cook for Ning Yu and also to make her some rib soup (to mend her knees).

“Whats wrong with you” Ning Yu looked at Shi Xis knees and thought of meeting Sheng Yan when she entered the door just now.

She frowned and said, “Sheng Yan hit you”


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