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Shi Xi was sprawled on the ground.

The pain caused by her fall had finally cleared her mind a little.

She slowly reached out to press down on the carpet and stood up.

Shi Xi really had no recollection of what had happened just now.

She only knew that she had missed her step and that the world had turned upside down before she was sprawled on the ground.

After seeing this scene, Sheng Yan felt both angry and amused.

He strode over and helped Shi Xi up.

He asked, “Where did you get hurt”

Shi Xi shook her head.

“Im fine.

Its just a minor injury.”

She had fallen from the middle of the stairs halfway down when she missed her step.

The floor was covered with a soft carpet, so she was not injured.

Sheng Yan, who had been angry because he had been waiting, was now much less angry.

“Its already 11 oclock.

Why were you still sleeping”

“I played a game last night.” Shi Xi sat on the sofa and finally returned to normal.

She said to the servant, “By the way, serve tea to Sheng Yan.”

Sheng Yan said expressionlessly, “Ive already drunk five cups of tea in the two hours Ive been waiting for you.”

“Didnt they serve you some snacks and fruits” After Shi Xi asked, she saw the fruits and snacks on the table.

Sheng Yan: …He came here to talk to Shi Xi, not to have afternoon tea!

Shi Xi coughed.

“Why are you looking for me” Couldnt he discuss something with her parents, brother, and sister Why was he looking for her

Sheng Yan took a deep breath and introduced another person who was sitting on the sofa.

“This is Lilith, a designer invited from abroad.

Shes here to measure you and make you an engagement dress.”

If that was the case, no one else could do it for her.

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Lilith was a beautiful blonde with blue eyes.

She smiled and said, “Hello, Miss Shi.

Im Lilith.

After I measure you, if you have any suggestions for the wedding dress, you can tell me.

Ill try my best to satisfy you.”

“Okay.” Shi Xi nodded and looked at Sheng Yan with a conflicted expression.

“Are you really going to get engaged”

Sheng Yans face darkened.

“Shi! Xi!”

“Im just asking.” Shi Xi quickly looked at Lilith and asked, “Do you have any recommended designs”

With a professional smile on her face, the wedding dress designer Lilith began to recommend to Shi Xi.

“May I know what color engagement dress you would like”

Shi Xi looked at Sheng Yan and said in a deliberating tone, “White… I think”

Sheng Yan said calmly, “Its good to do whatever you like.

Dont mind my opinion.”

Shi Xi said, “After all, youre the one whos spending the money.”

Sheng Yan: …Sooner or later, he would be angered to death by Shi Xi.

What happened next was even faster.

Shi Xi did not pay much attention to this engagement party at all.

Everything was focused on extravagance and luxury.

The smile on Liliths face gradually froze.

She felt that Shi Xi was not choosing an engagement dress.

She was playing a game of changing clothes.

After Sheng Yan drank another two cups of tea, Lilith finally ended her conversation with Shi Xi.

Lilith got up and bade them farewell.

She was ready to go back and make the engagement dress.

Shi Xi saw the guest off and realized that Sheng Yan had not moved.

“Arent you going back”

Sheng Yan sat motionlessly on the sofa.

“Ill eat here for lunch.”

Shi Xi: “”

“Youve drunk so much tea.

Do you still have anything to eat Dont you need to go to the bathroom” Shi Xi looked at Sheng Yans stomach and thought to herself,If he drinks so much, will he not only be bald but also have a beer belly in the future

Sheng Yan told himself not to argue with Shi Xi.

He took a deep breath and said, “I still have to go to the company in the afternoon.

Hurry up and get someone to cook.”

“What do you want to eat” Shi Xi asked.

Sheng Yan said, “I dont eat spicy food.

I dont eat duck meat or mutton.”

Shi Xi sighed and said, “Oh no, they made roast duck and spicy mutton soup for lunch.”

Sheng Yan: “!”

“Im just kidding.

The kitchen was already cooking.

We can start eating in ten minutes.” Shi Xi was very happy.

Sheng Yan stood up and stared at Shi Xi with his deep eyes.

“You, what are you doing” Shi Xi took two steps back and said under the pressure of the male protagonist, “I was just kidding…”

Sheng Yan ignored Shi Xi and silently turned around to go to the bathroom.

Sheng Yan and Shi Xi were childhood sweethearts.

When Sheng Yan was young, he often came to the Shi family to play, so he was familiar with the structure of the Shi family.

However, he seldom came after he became an adult.

Shi Xi saw Sheng Yan walking into the bathroom and thought to herself that he really drank too much tea.


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