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Similarly, Mother Shi hated Ning Yu, thisrebellious biological daughter, for failing to live up to her expectations.

Parents all liked obedient and sensible daughters, such as Shi Xi.

If she was told to go south, she would definitely not go north.

She was not like Ning Yu, a cold and disobedient girl who skipped class and fought.

“By the way, Mom, didnt you have an appointment with someone to go shopping” Shi Xi was afraid that her mother would nag Ning Yu again, so she quickly said, “Hurry up and eat.

Dont make them wait.”

“Okay.” Her mother finally stopped nagging Ning Yu.

After eating breakfast quietly, Mother Shi sized up Ning Yu.

No matter how she looked at her, she did not like her.

She said, “Ning Yu, later, you come shopping with me.

I will buy you a few sets of clothes.”

Ning Yu said, “No need, I have clothes.”

“What are you wearing” Mother Shi frowned and said, “You dont look like a little girl at all.

Come out with me and Ill cut your hair.”

Shi Xi looked at Ning Yu.

Ning Yus hair was long and black, and the fringe on her forehead covered her eyes.

She looked a little dull.

Ning Yu had always liked to wear loose t-shirts, paired with casual pants and sports shoes.

This style was very comfortable, but it looked very casual.

Shi Xi looked at herself again.

Her originally green hair had long faded to a brown color, but it was still wavy and curly, so she tied it up casually.

Even at home, she wore a slim floral dress with white sandals.

Sigh, parents liked this kind of style.

“Im full.” Ning Yu couldnt persuade Mother Shi, so she pretended not to hear what Mother Shi said and walked out.

Mother Shi looked at Ning Yus back and said angrily, “This child is not sensible at all!”

Shi Xi thought to herself,Everyone has their own preferences.

Let Ning Yu wear whatever she wants.

Her long hair doesnt block your line of sight.

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However, Shi Xi would never dare to say such words out loud.

Shi Xi held Mother Shis hand and said with a smile, “Youre going shopping with your friends today.

How are you going to shop with Ning Yu”

Mother Shi took a deep breath and pretended to be angry.

“Its already troublesome enough to have a daughter like you.

Adding another one, I really owe you guys from my past life.”

“Having two beautiful daughters, isnt Mom happy” Shi Xi raised her head and blinked her eyes.

Mother Shir touched her arm and said in disdain, “How old are you Still acting like a spoiled child”

Shi Xi: “…”

Shi Xu and Father Shi had long gone out to work.

She did not know what Ning Yu was going out for, while Mother Shi and her friends were shopping.

Only Shi Xi was left.

Shi Xi went upstairs to catch up on her sleep.

She was so sleepy.

Just as Shi Xi was deep in sleep, Mother Shi called her.

“Xi Xi, wait a moment… Do you remember…”

Shi Xi, who had fallen asleep but was not completely asleep, replied, “Yes.”

After hanging up the phone, Shi Xi loosened her grip and went back to sleep.

Hence, when Sheng Yan arrived at the Shi family home, what greeted him was the empty Shi Family Villa.

After the servant knocked on the door three times and served Sheng Yan five cups of tea, Shi Xi finally came downstairs while rubbing her eyes.

When she reached the stairs, Shi Xi was still in a daze.

She squinted her eyes and saw a person sitting in the living room.

She asked, “Whats the matter” It was broad daylight, and he had disturbed her sleep!

The girls voice was soft and sweet, and there was a hint of displeasure from being disturbed.

The pressure around Sheng Yan dropped.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Shi Xi, do you know how long Ive been waiting for you”

Shi Xi was walking down the stairs.

Her sleepy eyes could not see her feet clearly, so she missed her step.

When she opened her eyes again, she was already lying on the carpet on the first floor.


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