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After hanging up, Shi Xi wanted to make use of Tao Yuxuans absence to hold the birthday party as soon as possible.

In the original plot, Tao Yuxuan played an important role in promoting the face-smacking plot during the birthday party.

With this thought in mind, Han Chuan called as well.

Shi Xi: “…”

Why did everyone like to call while she was bathing

Shi Xi picked up the call and asked, “Brother Han, whats wrong”

Han Chuan asked, “Are you going to celebrate your birthday soon”

Shi Xi: “Yeah, Ill send you an invitation when the time comes.

If you have time, come over.”

Han Chuan: “I wanted to ask you, do you want to hold a birthday party”

Shi Xi: “Ah”

Birthday party

Han Chuan explained, “Its just like the fan meet-and-greet party when you finished filming.”

“However, the birthday party will be a little bigger.

Prepare a few songs and dances.

When the time comes, go onstage and perform them.

Then, invite the fans to go onstage and play a game.”

Shi Xi thought about it seriously for ten seconds before asking, “…Can we not do it”

“Sure, then you should properly prepare for the variety show for the talent show.” Han Chuan had only asked casually.

Seeing that Shi Xi was not interested, he did not continue.

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Kuai Xue Entertainment that Shi Xi signed with was the Shi familys Film and Television Department.

It could be said that Shi Xi was the eldest daughter of their company.

When Shi Xi first arrived at the company, she could be said to be full of vigor.

It was only after the matter of the real and fake daughters that Shi Xi became much quieter.

Han Chuan originally thought that after the matter of the real and fake daughters, Shi Xi wouldnt be able to continue in the entertainment industry.

He didnt expect that Shi Xi would actually finish acting in this show.

Moreover, judging from the situation, it seemed that they still liked Shi Xi very much, so Han Chuan took care of her a little more.

After a few long words, Han Chuan told Shi Xi to pay attention to her figure before hanging up the phone.

Shi Xi was unhappy.

She had wanted to have some supper.

After taking a bath, Shi Xi saw that she still had a lot of time.

She was bored as she browsed through her phone and saw the advertisement for [World of Martial Arts Dream].

[Laugh while watching world of martial arts dream, forget your grudges and grievances.]

The advertisement for this game was overwhelming.

The number of players had already exceeded 200 million, and the number of downloads was increasing day by day.

Shi Xi remembered that when she went to look for Ning Yu the last time, Ning Yu was also playing this game.

Was it that fun

Shi Xi downloaded the game with suspicion.

The next morning.

Shi Xi, who had stayed up late playing the game, sat in front of the dining table with a sleepy face.

“Why are you so lethargic Did you not sleep well yesterday” Mother Shi saw the dark circles under Shi Xis eyes, and her heart ached terribly.

Shi Xi sniffled.

“No, I just played games too late, so Im a little sleepy.”

Ning Yu, who had just come down from upstairs, heard this and looked at Shi Xi.

Mother Shi said with heartache, “Cant you play games during the day Why do you have to stay up late playing games Look at your dark circles.

After breakfast, go back to sleep, do you understand”

Shi Xi nodded obediently.

“Come, this papaya birds nest is made by me personally.

Try it.” Mother Shi scooped a bowl of birds nest for Shi Xi and said, “I took this birds nest from your grandfather.

Remember to finish it.”

Shi Xi had just taken it when she saw Ning Yu sitting down.

“Good morning!” Shi Xi took the initiative to greet her.

Ning Yus voice was cold.

“Good morning.”

Mother Shi also served Ning Yu a bowl of papaya birds nest without saying a word.

Although Ning Yu was the real daughter of the Shi family, she was already 18 years old when she returned to Ning Yu.

Her personality had already been shaped.

Ning Yu had always been cold and aloof.

She did not like to be close to others.

Her relationship with the Shi family had always been neither too far nor too close.


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