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When Shi Xu asked Shi Xi such a question, it was actually because he wanted Shi Xi to inherit the shares of the Shi family.

If he let Shi Xi work under him, Shi Xu would always be able to protect her.

In this way, no one would look down on Shi Xi.

It was just that Shi Xi was unwilling to inherit the shares, so Shi Xu had changed to a more tactful way.

To let Shi Xi go to the company to help him…

He didnt need Shi Xis help.

He just needed to find an excuse to let Shi Xi stay by his side.

Shi Xis eyes were filled with a smile.

“Big Brother is so amazing, why do you need my help Besides, theres nothing I can do.”

She only wanted to make money in the entertainment industry.

Mother Shi said from the side, “The bigger the business, the harder it is to keep the business.

On the surface, theyre diligent and respectful, but in private, who knows how much money theyve stolen!!”

Father Shi nodded in agreement.

“Even if they are family members, they cant be trusted.”

“You are still young now.

Lets talk about it after you graduate.” Shi Xu changed the topic and asked, “After this drama is finished, do you have any plans for the future”

Perhaps in a few years, Shi Xi would know his good intentions.

Not mentioning the shares, Shi Xi heaved a sigh of relief.

Her eyes were black and bright.

“There will be a variety show in a while.”

“Will it delay your studies” Mother Shi was worried about Shi Xis studies.

Shi Xi calculated the time and said, “Dont worry, it wont be delayed.”

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She had told Han Chuan that no matter what, her studies would be prioritized.

“As long as it doesnt delay your studies.”

The Shi family did not have much of a barrier against Shi Xi going into the entertainment industry.

After chatting for a while in the living room, Shi Xi went upstairs to rest.

While she was taking a bath, her phone vibrated.

It was a video call from Tao Yuxuan.

Shi Xi immediately switched to voice and asked, “Whats wrong”

“Im asking about your recent situation!” Tao Yuxuan asked, “Where are you”

“At home.” After saying that, Shi Xi added, “The Shi family.”

“Yo! Youre finally back!” Tao Yuxuan said in surprise, “I told you.

Youve been in the Shi family for 18 years.

Even if youre not the biological daughter of the Shi family, you should still receive some compensation.

Now that youre back, that Ning Yu didnt bully you, right”

Shi Xi said helplessly, “No one bullied me.”

Everyone treated her very well.

Them treating her so well made her feel that she was the worst.

“Then you have to be careful.

That Ning Yu person seems to be very scheming.

She might be planning some kind of scheme!” Tao Yuxuan had never been afraid of thinking others had the worst intentions, especially when it came to Ning Yu.

Shi Xi changed the topic.

“Where are you When are you coming back”

“I just got to know a tall and handsome guy with eight-pack abs at Neapolis Beach! I dont think Ill be able to go back anytime soon.” Tao Yuxuans tone became infatuated.

“Hes really handsome.

His voice is especially charming and he even plays the guitar! Ill go watch his bar performance tomorrow.”

Shi Xi: “Bar… Dont drink too much.”

“Dont worry, Im just going to drink one glass.

Ill pretend to be drunk then.

Hehe.” Tao Yuxuan smiled tacitly and said, “Oh right, I might not be able to make it in time for your birthday.

Dont be angry, Ill bring you a present!”

Shi Xi was ecstatic.

“Its alright, its alright.

You just stay outside and have fun for a few more days!”

It would be best if she didnt come back!

Without Tao Yuxuan as a troublemaker, her birthday party would definitely be peaceful.

Tao Yuxuan: “If I can make it in time, Ill try my best to go back.”

Shi Xi: “Try your best to get to know more handsome guys.”

‘Dont come back and stir up trouble.


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