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On the black Maybach, Xie Yunzhou watched as Shi Xi left with another man, his thin lips pursed tightly.

The assistant sitting in the front row said, “Looks like Miss Shi is going home.”

With the eldest young master personally coming out to pick up Shi Xi, Shi Xi definitely wouldnt need to worry about a place to stay.

The assistant looked at the house gift agreement next to him and thought to himself that President Xie was still one step too late.

“Lets go back.” Xie Yunzhou retracted his gaze and closed his eyes to rest.

There were still many days to come.


When Shi Xi returned to the Shi family home, she was pulled by her mother to sit on the sofa in the living room and ask about her well-being.

“What did you eat on the set Did you live well Are you used to it Did anyone bully you Did you suffer any grievances”

A series of questions bombarded Shi Xi, and her ears, which had been damaged byThe Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, started buzzing again.

“Thats enough.

Its not easy for Xi Xi to come back.

Let her have a good rest,” Father Shi, who was sitting on the sofa on the other side, said.

Mother Shi nodded and said to Shi Xi, “Ive asked someone to prepare the hot water for you.

Take a good bath and Ill cook something delicious for you tomorrow!”

“Okay, thank you, Mom!” Shi Xi was in a relaxed and happy mood.

At this happy moment, Ning Yu came back from the outside.

She saw that there was an extra person in the living room.

Her eyes stayed on Shi Xi for two seconds, then she moved her gaze away and went upstairs.

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“Stop,” Mother Shi called out to Ning Yu and said unhappily, “Cant you see that your father and I are in the living room Dont you know how to call us Why are you so rude”

Ning Yu laughed lightly.

Her eyes were cold and her voice was filled with mockery.

“I thought that you only remembered Shi Xi as your daughter.”

“How can you talk like that Is this how you talk to your elders” Mother Shi frowned and was very dissatisfied with Ning Yus attitude.

“Mom, Ning Yu is probably tired.” Shi Xi stopped Mother Shi who was about to get angry and said softly, “She hasnt grown up in the Shi family since she was young.

You should speak less.”

‘At least dont stir up a conflict between me and the female lead!!!

Mother Shi said angrily, “Ning Yu, learn more from Shi Xi! All you do is go out and play all day long, and you dont look like a socialite at all!”

Shi Xi: “…”

Ning Yus gaze swept past Shi Xi.

“Oh You mean, you want me to go and film too”

“I want you to study hard!” Mother Shi was exasperated.

“Im hiring a teacher for you, but youre not at home every day.

You never go to the repeaters class that you signed up for! The results will be out soon.

If you dont find it embarrassing, Ill find it embarrassing!”

Shi Xi thought to herself,The female lead scored higher than her, so dont think its embarrassing.

‘When the time comes, the most likely person to be embarrassed will be me.

“If theres anything, well talk about it when the results are out.” Ning Yu originally wanted to say that she could get into a university, but when she thought that they wouldnt believe her even if she said it, she was too lazy to say anything more.

After leaving a vague sentence, Ning Yu went upstairs.

Mother Shi wanted to say something else, but she was held back by Shi Xi.

“Dont be angry, dont be angry.

If youre angry, youll get wrinkles.” Shi Xi held Mother Shi back and advised, “Its summer vacation now, let Ning Yu have fun! If youre so meddlesome, shell be unhappy.”

“Isnt it for her own good If she hangs out with a bunch of hooligans all day long, whats her future What will people think of her” Mother Shi had an expression that was filled with resentment.

Father Shi said from the side, “At the very most, we can ask her to go abroad and become a gold digger.

Its not like our family cant afford to raise a girl like her.”

Shi Xu did not mention Ning Yu.

Instead, he said to Shi Xi, “Xi Xi, study hard.

When the time comes, come to the company and help your brother, okay”


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