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Shi Xi was not interested in this kind of gathering, but the others were having a good time and even sang with him.

After a while, Shi Xi blended into the gathering and sang with Yun Guanghe, “Im dead! I want to love — Not to the best of my ability — Dont cut my song!”



Tao Yuxuan was basking in the sun on the beach, lazily looking at the handsome men passing by.

When there were no handsome men around, she would swipe her phone.

When she saw the #Shi Xi Received Gifts# trending, Tao Yuxuan felt very sad.

She sent a sum of money to her sister and said, [Quickly accept it.

Buy yourself more things.

I have money.]

Tao Yuxuan felt wronged for her sister.

She had always thought that Shi Xi was doing well, but she had never thought that she would have to rely on her fans to support her.

At this moment, Shi Xi collapsed on the sofa in the private room.

“I cant, I cant.

I cant sing anymore.”

Her voice was almost hoarse.


Sheng Yan looked at the pictures on the trending searches and fell into deep thought.

Sure enough, it wasnt enough to just give her just a bit of jewelry.

He should have given her some bags instead.

Sheng Yan waved his hand and sent a message to Shi Xi.

[Come over to the Sheng family when you have time.

My mom wants you to come over for dinner.]

At this moment, Shi Xi sat up.

“Pick a gentle song”

Wen Yao: “The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau”

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com ,Please!

Yun Guanghe: “Come, come, come, I know this song!”

Shi Xi seemed to hear her cell phone ring, but the room was instantly filled with the wails of ghosts and howls of wolves.

Shi Xi used her hands to cover her ears.

When she put her hands down, Shi Xi seemed to be able to hear the echoes in her ears.

She would never sing with them again.

Singers needed money to sing, but actors needed to die to sing!



When Shi Xu heard his assistants report, he did not expect the two people before him to be so rash.

His assistant said, “Miss Shi Xi still has a balance of 10 million yuan in her account.

She is currently having a gathering with her colleagues from the production team today.”

Shi Xu leaned back in his chair and thought for a moment.

“Go and find out where they are having a gathering.

After work, go and pick her up.”

His assistant said, “Alright.”

“Wait,” Shi Xu called out to his assistant who was about to leave.

“Ill go pick her up.”

His assistant said, “…Alright.”

Shi Xu looked out of the window and fell into deep thought.

Did Xi Xi not want to spend his money anymore

At that moment, Shi Xi was holding up her phone.

“Ive finished filming today.

Ill settle the bill!”

Yun Guanghe used half of his body to get in front of Shi Xi.

“No, no, no.

How can I let you pay Put it on my tab!”

Wen Yao tugged at the two of them.

“Ill do it, Ill do it! No one is allowed to snatch it from me!!”

The director saw them rushing to pay and pretended to be polite.

“Let me do it.”

The three of them immediately stopped and said in unison, “Alright! Thank you, Director!”

Director: “!!!”


‘I knew you guys were here to act in front of me!!

After the joyous party ended, everyone prepared to return to the hotel to rest.

Shi Xi had just walked outside when she saw Xie Yunzhous car.

The two of them often ate together, and she had already memorized the license plate number of this villain.

Xie Yunzhou was in the car Or was he here to eat

Shi Xi was just about to walk over to greet him when she was stopped by Shi Xu.

“Xi Xi.” Shi Xu got out of the car, held onto the door, and looked at Shi Xi.

As the eldest son of the Shi family, Shi Xi had always received the most attention.

Standing under the night sky, his figure was straight, with a gentle breeze blowing against the moon and a thousand miles of silver light.

“Big Brother Why are you here” Shi Xi immediately put down the villain and ran towards Shi Xi.

“I heard that youve finished filming, so Im here to bring you home.” Shi Xis smile was gentle as he raised his hand to rub Shi Xis hair.

“Get in the car.”


Shi Xi avoided his big hand.

“Hair! Its messed up!”


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