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On the day that Shi Xis scenes were completed, the production team specially ordered flowers for her, wishing her a happy ending.

The director was very satisfied with Shi Xis acting and gave her a big red packet.

The fans also came to visit the production team and gave Shi Xi a big bouquet of flowers and various gift bags.

Shi Xi saw the logo on it.

“I dont accept gifts.

I only accept letters.”

How expensive would that be!

When the president of the fan club, Ji Yin, heard Shi Xis words, she said, “Dont worry, we have money.”

Fans who could afford to give big-name gifts were not bad at earning money.

“Im even richer.” Shi Xi took the letters and said to the fans who were giving gifts, “Keep the things for your own use or return them.”

The smile on Shi Xis face could not be wiped away when she thought about her eight-figure balance.

Ji Yin: “…I bought it for you, you have to accept it!”

Shi Xi insisted on not accepting it.

In the end, Han Chuan stepped in and persuaded the gift-giving fans to leave.

After taking a group photo as a memento, Shi Xi was surrounded in the middle and began to sign autographs for the fans.

The fans with cameras kept taking pictures.

“Holy sh*t, she looks even better when I get closer.”

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“I thought the photos were photoshopped, but I didnt expect the real person to be even more beautiful.”

“Isnt that right Shi Xi is super beautiful!”

It had only been half an hour since she met the fans, but Han Chuan had already let the fans leave.

“Its a gift from a fan.

Just accept it.

Its not a big deal.” Han Chuan had seen many gifts in this circle.

Not only were there big-name jewelry, but there were also gifts for clothes, various skincare products, cosmetics, and even shopping cards.

Shi Xi yawned and said, “I dont want to accept any more things.

Ive received too many recently.”

Ever since everyone thought that she was short of money, Shi Xi had received too many transfers.

Tao Yuxuan reluctantly ceded the clothes she had reserved to Shi Xi.

Shi Xu had given her a seasons worth of clothes.

When Sheng Yan saw that she had not gone to buy jewelry, he got someone to send a batch to Shi Xi…

The Leng family made clothes.

Leng Qiankun almost moved the clothing store to the hotel she stayed in.

She really did not need such a small gift from her fans.

Han Chuan obviously thought of Shi Xis current treatment and was so jealous that he was expressionless.

“By the way, I talked to you about a variety show.” Han Chuans expression suddenly became a little uneasy.

“What variety show” Shi Xi was curious.

Ever since she met Han Chuan, she had rarely seen Han Chuans cautious expression.

When had he not been high and mighty, giving pointers to the world

Sure enough, after just a breath, Han Chuan raised his chin slightly, his eyes filled with arrogance.

“I remember that you learned dance before And you even won an award”

Shi Xi subconsciously wanted to refute.

System: [The host learned ballet since childhood and won an award.]

“Yes.” Shi Xi was expressionless.

“Whats the matter”

Han Chuan pursed his lips.

“If I remember correctly, you also know how to play the piano.”

“Yes.” Shi Xi nodded.

The original owner was not the only one who had learned how to play the piano.

Shi Xi, who was an elegant person, had also learned how to play the piano.

“The new season of the talent show is about to begin,” Han Chuan hinted.

“Talent show Sure!” When Shi Xi thought about how she would be able to meet more than a hundred girls and live together, she instantly felt happy.

Most importantly, the recording of the talent show would take at least three months!

This meant that she could stay away from the main leads for three months!

When Han Chuan saw that Shi Xi was not angry, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Its good that you dont mind.

I thought you only wanted to film.”

Shi Xis eyes curved as she assured him, “Dont worry, Im actually a person with a good personality.

I definitely wont talk nonsense on variety shows!”


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