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“Hello, Ive already processed your membership card.

You can just show me your QR code before you check out next time.” The receptionist smiled gently and kindly, as if she had earned two million yuan.

Shi Xi put away her phone.

“Okay, thank you.”

Xie Yunzhou left with Shi Xi, just in time to meet Sheng Yan who came in through the main gate, as well as his friends.

“Brother Sheng, isnt that your fiancée” His friend asked in a low voice, “Why is she with Xie Yunzhou”

Sheng Yan looked over and frowned.

When did these two become familiar with each other And they even ate together

When Sheng Yan saw the two of them, they naturally saw Sheng Yan as well.

“Eh, Sheng Yan” When Shi Xi saw Sheng Yan, she said with a smile, “Are you here to eat with your friends”

Sheng Yan answered as if he didnt see Xie Yunzhou and asked, “By yourself”

“Im here with my friends.” Shi Xi looked at Xie Yunzhou and reminded Sheng Yan, “You guys go and eat.

Remember to drink less.”

Sheng Yan smiled, but he said, “You really care too much.”

Shi Xi thought to herself,Im doing this for your own good.

‘If you were really despised by Ning Yu because of baldness, you wouldnt even have a place to cry.

Although Sheng Yan cared about Xie Yunzhou in his heart, he knew thatShi Xi loved him deeply and would never fall in love with someone else.

Therefore, Sheng Yan went to eat with his friends without worry.

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When they were ordering dishes, his friends were still gossiping.

“Brother Sheng, arent you afraid that Shi Xi will cheat on you”

“Shes not my fiancée yet.

What cheating” Sheng Yan leaned against the back of his chair and pointed at the table.

“Are you going to order or not”

“Yes, yes!” His friends quickly changed the topic and began to order.

“Brother Sheng, what would you like to drink”

Sheng Yan said lightly, “Order me a cup of rose tea.”

“Yes, a bottle of rose tea.

Holy sh*t! Brother Sheng, youre not drinking”

“Because Shi Xi didnt allow it” another person guessed.

“I didnt know that Brother Sheng was so obedient to his wife.”

Sheng Yan didnt pay attention to this group of single people, but he thought that it wasnt good for Shi Xi to be like this.

She hadnt married into the Sheng family yet, and she already cared so much.

How bad would it sound if word got out

He had to talk to Shi Xi properly next time.

At least he had to remind her in private to leave him some face in front of others.


Sheng Yan overthought things in the private room and didnt pay any attention to Xie Yunzhou at all.

On the other hand, Xie Yunzhou was displeased when he saw Sheng Yan, this decent fiancé, appear.

Especially when Shi Xi reminded Sheng Yan, it was as if they were really husband and wife.

Xie Yunzhous emotions were hidden deep in his eyes and he did not reveal the slightest bit.

“Ill send you back to the hotel first.”

After sending Shi Xi back, Xie Yunzhou thought of something and said, “This is a gift for you.”

Shi Xi looked at the gift bag of Sheng Shi Jewelry in front of her and said in surprise, “You For me”

Xie Yunzhou: “Yes, you saved my life.

This is a thank you gift for you.”

“Its really a piece of cake.

You dont have to–” Shi Xi wanted to refuse, but when she saw Xie Yunzhou looking up, she instantly accepted the gift bag.

“Thank you!”

Xie Yunzhou replied, closed the window, and left.

Shi Xi carried the gift bag into the hotel, thinking that it would be great if Xie Yunzhou brought her along to buy it.

If she went to Sheng Shi Jewelry now, Sheng Yan would give her a 50% discount.

When she returned to her room, Shi Xi opened the gift Xie Yunzhou gave her.

It was an exquisite, very shiny diamond hair clip.

There were three big diamonds at the end of the hair clip, and there were a lot of broken diamonds embedded around it, reflecting a dazzling light under the light.

“It looks pretty good.” Shi Xi used the hair clip to pin back her stray hair and went straight to take a shower.

Oh, it was so practical!


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