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Thinking about it, it made sense.

How could a big shot villain transfer money to her

Shi Xi stuck out her tongue and said, “Im just casually saying.” So, you should just casually listen.

Xie Yunzhou sized up Shi Xi and said calmly, “Is your drama almost finished”

Shi Xi nodded.


Although she was the second female lead and her scenes were second only to the male and female lead, there was also the second, third, fourth male leads, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth female leads in the drama.

Only the male and female leads scenes would be carried out throughout the entire drama.

As the second female lead, she would be heartbroken and go abroad to study.

There would be new misunderstandings between the male and female lead, and other side characters would also appear.

Moreover, this school drama only had 24 episodes.

Based on the current filming speed, Shi Xis scenes would be finished in a week, and Yun Guanghe and Wen Yao would still need another month to film.

However, how did Xie Yunzhou know so much about her

Before Shi Xi could think about it carefully, Xie Yunzhou spoke again.

“Do you still want to continue filming after its finished” Xie Yunzhou asked.

“Lets see what Brother Han has arranged for me,” Shi Xi said.

“He seems to be fighting for some resources for me.”

Xie Yunzhou nodded slightly.

“If you need help, you can look for me.”

Shi Xi smiled politely.

She thought to herself that if she wanted to die early, she would definitely look for him.

After the dishes were served, Shi Xi saw that Xie Yunzhou had even ordered birds nest and brought it to her.

Eh Xie Yunzhou had ordered this just now

Shi Xi only leaned over to take a look.

She did not expect Xie Yunzhou to take care of a patient like her and even order birds nest soup for her.

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com ,Please!

This was very expensive!

She was so touched.

Just as she was touched, Shi Xi remembered that she was the one paying for this table.

She was touched for nothing.


But this birds nest soup was really delicious.

Could she learn to cook it at home in the future

Shi Xis eyes were curved, and she ate happily.

When Xie Yunzhou saw the girls lively and satisfied look, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

He often ate alone.

Even if it was the food from the Crane Pavilion or Qingshui Restaurant, he had long been fed up with it and lost his appetite.

However, ever since he met Shi Xi, he felt that eating was the most relaxing time of the day.

At this time, he could relax and enjoy the delicious food and time.

He could enjoy the time he had with her.

After she was full, Shi Xi looked at the empty plates on the table and felt a lingering fear.

She had eaten so much.

She wouldnt get fat, right

Xie Yunzhou saw her expression and stood up.

“Lets go.

Ill send you back.”

Shi Xi stood up as well.

“Oh, okay.”

When they reached the front desk, Shi Xi took out her phone and was about to pay, but she was told that the bill had already been paid.

“Ive already paid the bill,” Xie Yunzhou said and then said to the front desk, “Get her a membership card.”

The front desk smiled and asked politely, “Miss, would you like to get a silver membership or a gold membership”

Shi Xis gaze fell on the sign next to her.

Silver member: you can apply if you charge 100,000 yuan

Gold member: you can apply if you charge 500,000 yuan

Diamond member: you can apply if you charge 2,000,000 yuan

No, who would come to your restaurant for so many meals

How long can your restaurant last

If it goes bankrupt, will you still be able to withdraw the money you charged

Shi Xi couldnt understand how Crane Pavilion operated its membership system.

But thinking about the price of the meal just now, Shi Xi fell silent again.

Thats right, this restaurant was very expensive.

Evil capitalism!

“Miss, please use WeChat to scan and activate your membership card.” The voice of the front desk interrupted Shi Xis thoughts.

Shi Xi came back to her senses.


With the popularity of electronic membership cards, many peoples wallets were less burdensome.

Their wallets, which were already empty, became even emptier.


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