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Shi Xi slept until 8 oclock at night.

She slept for four hours straight.

When she woke up, Shi Xi felt refreshed, as if she had been injected with stimulants.

“Xie Yunzhou Why are you here” Shi Xi sat up.

When she saw the other person in the room, her eyes widened.

“It was you who called and said that you were dying of illness.” Xie Yunzhou swiped his tablet and said in a cold voice, “Wake up and eat.”

Shi Xi hugged the blanket and secretly looked at her clothes.

Fortunately, she wore her pajamas intact.

Shi Xi got out of bed to wash up and remembered her situation before shefainted.

So, she called Xie Yunzhou that time

Shi Xi brushed her teeth, picked up her phone as if to confirm, and looked at the call record.

Call record: Xie Yunzhou

Call duration: 49s

As expected, she called Xie Yunzhou!

She didnt expect that the big villain would actually come to save her!

Shi Xi was grateful in her heart, and her fear of Xie Yunzhou lessened a little.

Although she might be thrown into the river to feed the fish in the future, she would never forget this kindness of delivering medicine to the sick!

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After Shi Xi washed up, she saw that Xie Yunzhou was still sitting in her room, so she took her clothes to the bathroom to change.

A supporting actress and a villain should not be intimate.

Cough, cough.

After changing her clothes, Shi Xi took the initiative and said, “Let me treat you to a meal!”

Xie Yunzhou had treated her so many times and even saved her life this time, so Shi Xi should repay him.

“Lets go to the Crane Pavilion to eat.” Xie Yunzhou put away his tablet and designated a restaurant.

When Shi Xi thought of yesterdays humiliation, the smile on her face froze.

She didnt want to see yesterdays waiter!

“Why” Xie Yunzhou sensed that something was wrong with her and asked, “Cant I”

“No, no, of course you can.” Shi Xi smiled awkwardly.

“Dont you usually go to Qingshui Restaurant Why do you suddenly want to go to the Crane Pavilion”

“For a change.” Xie Yunzhou casually asked, “Who did you go to the Crane Pavilion with yesterday”

Shi Xi said, “Its my colleagues from the production team, Yun Guanghe and Wen Yao.

They won an award yesterday and were fighting to treat a meal.”

Hearing that it was these two people, Xie Yunzhou nodded slightly.

It was fine as long as it wasnt Sheng Yan and Leng Qiankun.

When they arrived at the Crane Pavilion, Shi Xi awkwardly realized that the person who led the way for the two of them was still the waiter from yesterday.

She hoped that the waiter would see a lot of people every day and wouldnt be able to recognize her.

“Miss Shi.” The waiter smiled shyly and handed her a pen and paper.

“I was too embarrassed to ask yesterday.

Can you please give me your autograph today”

Shi Xi: This is even more awkward.

Not only did this person recognize her, but he also knew that she was Shi Xi.

“Sure.” Shi Xi quickly signed her autograph, hoping that she could go to Qingshui Restaurant next time.

Xie Yunzhou ordered a table of dishes, not even considering Shi Xis wallet.

If it was before yesterday, Shi Xi would still feel sorry for him.

But now, Shi Multimillionaire Xi did not care about money at all.

She even took the initiative to lean over and recommend, “Their dessert is also very delicious.

Dont you want to order more I want to eat ice cream puffs.”

The girl was too close to him.

Xie Yunzhou could smell the fragrance of the girl.

He closed the menu expressionlessly and said, “Order more if you dont have enough.”

Shi Xi sat back down.

She thought to herself,I didnt make this big shot angry, did I

‘He clearly has a good character.

Why does he get angry so easily

‘No wonder he got dementia early.

“Are you short of money recently” Xie Yunzhou asked.

“No!” Shi Xi said seriously, “Dont transfer money to me!”

Xie Yunzhou looked at her strangely.

“Why should I transfer money to you”

“Ah, this, I was just saying casually.

Its fine as long as you dont transfer it.” Shi Xi lowered her head and drank her tea.

Too many people had transferred money to her yesterday.


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