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“Shi Xi, your cell phone is ringing!” Xie Yunzhou said coldly.

“Eh” The girl who was called out sounded confused.

When she woke up, her mumbling was sweet and milky.

When this voice rang out, Xie Yunzhous agitated mood instantly calmed down.

Anyway, it was already dawn.

It was time to wake up.

Shi Xi touched her cell phone and reached out to swipe it.

Her voice was both milky and fierce.

“Who is it”

They were calling so early in the morning.

Did they have any morals

“Shi Xi, you have a part today.

Remember to come to the production team!” A noisy voice came from the other side.

The man was chewing on a cigarette and scolded, “Did you f*cking forget”

Shi Xi sat up from her deathbed.

“The production team”


“F*ck! I knew you forgot.

You f*cking stood me up again!” the man cursed.

“I moved your part to the afternoon.

You have to be there this afternoon!”

Shi Xi pulled the memories of the original owner and remembered that she was still playing the second female lead in a production team.

In the novel, the original owner was too sad about the fake daughter and directly rejected the play.

Later, when she was found out by netizens that she refused to act, the netizens said that she was unprofessional and dragged down the production team, making it impossible for the play to be released normally.

The scandal was a 1 to her later.

Shi Xi had a headache.

‘God, if you dont like me, please hit me with lightning and kill me.

Dont play me like this!


Outside the window, the sky was clear after the rain.

Although Shi Xi was reluctant, she could only get up and prepare to return to the city.

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The original owner could willfully terminate the contract with the crew, but she couldnt.

She needed money, and she needed to earn more money.

She needed to stay away from the female lead, from the Shi Family, and live the life of a rich woman.

She could fish, but she couldnt feed the fish.



After breakfast, the car that came to pick up Xie Yunzhou arrived.

Shi Xi directly used his car to return to Feng City.

Before returning to the city, Shi Xi was very reluctant to part with the Ning couple.

How nice was the countryside!

There were honest parents and fresh air.

Without the plot and the main characters, she would not be fed to the fish.

If she could, she was willing to stay in Long Quan Village forever.


However, Shi Xi did not know how to farm.

If she stayed, she could only leech off the Ning parents.

Looking at the figures of the Ning parents, it seemed that they could not let her gnaw on them.

Shi Xi bid farewell to the Ning Familys parents and got into the car.

The Ning Familys parents also liked their daughter very much.

They reluctantly sent Shi Xi away and even told her to come back and play when she had time.


In the car, Xie Yunzhou sat in the backseat.

He had a notebook on his lap and was processing his mail.

Shi Xi sat beside him and tried her best to minimize her presence, hoping that she did not offend the big boss.

Xie Yunzhou was reading the email when his shoulder suddenly sank.

Shi Xi was leaning against his shoulder and falling asleep.

Xie Yunzhou wanted to laugh in his heart.

She was so afraid of him, hiding in a corner when she was sitting in the car, but now she was leaning against his shoulder and falling asleep

How interesting.

Xie Yunzhou used his other hand to click on the email, trying to make Shi Xi sleep as comfortably as possible.

When the assistant sitting in the front row saw it, his pupils trembled!

Is this President Xie He actually let the opposite sex lean on his shoulder Oh my god!


Then, something even more shocking happened.

Because the girl was leaning on Xie Yunzhous shoulder, she did not sleep well, so she slid down a little.

Xie Yunzhou closed the notebook and simply let the girl lie on his lap.

The assistant: “!”

What did he see

A knee pillow!

President Xie actually suspended his work for her!

The assistant originally wanted to report on the progress of the project in the car, but after thinking about it, he decided to shut up.

By following President Xie, he had learned to read peoples expressions.

President Xie clearly had a different idea about this little girl!

This little girl seemed to be the fake daughter of the Shi Family She had never crossed paths with President Xie before!

With this thought in mind, the assistant dutifully took out his phone and began to investigate Shi XIs information.



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