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Shi Xi, who was unaware of this, was still looking at the cranes.

The private rooms of the Crane Pavilion were scattered in all directions.

From the windows, one could see the small bridge in the middle and the flowing water.

A white crane was standing on the rockery, walking around from time to time.

Shi Xi and Yun Guanghe were discussing whether the white crane was a protected animal or not.

Shi Xi wasnt too sure.

“It should be a protected animal, right I remember that the white crane and the red-crowned crane are both protected animals.”

Yun Guanghe raised a question.

“If its a protected animal, it wouldnt appear in the restaurant, right What if it was accidentally killed”

Shi Xi nodded.

“Thats right.

It looks quite similar to a duck.”

“A duck I think its more like a goose, right” Yun Guanghe pondered.

“I wonder if its delicious”

Even Wen Yao, who had always been reserved, couldnt help but join in the discussion.

“The white crane is a protected animal.

I dont know why it would appear here.”

Only when the waiter came in and they asked did they find out that it was a fake crane on the rockery.

It was lifelike and had electricity in it.

The three of them were disillusioned.

At the same time, they felt embarrassed.

“I wont come again!”

“I wont come out to eat with you anymore! Its too embarrassing!”

“Lets go to Qingshui Restaurant next time”


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After returning to the hotel, Shi Xi took a bath first.

She put on a face mask and leaned against the sofa to play with her phone.

When Xie Yunzhou called, she saw that there seemed to be a lot of unread messages.

Let her see who it was from.

Thus, Shi Xi saw a series of bank transfer notifications.

Shi Xi looked at her account balance in surprise and couldnt help but count it again.

Her account was 200,000 yuan before, why did it suddenly have so many zeros

Big Brother Shi Xu transferred 5 million yuan.

Why did Ning Yu transfer 7 million yuan to her!!!

It turned out that it only took one afternoon to go from a little rich woman to a multimillionaire.

Shi Xi was young, but she already experienced the joy of becoming rich overnight.

She did not want to work hard anymore.

She was already a multimillionaire.

Shi Xi leaned against the sofa, thinking about how to tell Han Chuan that she wanted to quit the circle.

She had already earned enough money.

With so much money, she did not have to worry about her future at all.

Forget it.

Who would complain about having too much money

Shi Xi thanked them one by one.

In the end, when she was chatting with Tao Yuxuan, she realized that they thought that she did not have any money, which was why they were so generous in feeding her.

Thinking about it, she was a little touched.

Sob, sob, sob, there are still so many good people in this world!

As Shi Xi thought about it, she saw all kinds of ridicule towards her on Weibo.

Shi Xi: “…”

Forget it, why bother about these people

Shi Xi was very happy in her heart.

She was planning whether she should buy an apartment first.

She had to have a place to stay.

Just as Shi Xi was letting her imagination run wild, her mother called.

“Xi Xi, its almost your birthday.

Ill throw a big party for you and invite all your classmates and friends over, okay” Mother Shis voice was gentle.

“Birthday” Shi Xi subconsciously wanted to reject.

System: [Triggered storyline point: Birthday banquet.

Host must attend the banquet!]

Shi Xis good mood instantly disappeared and she said, “Okay.”

“It just so happens that your results will be out by then.

Ill invite your teachers over and hold a grand thank-you banquet.

How about that” Mother Shi was even happier when she heard that Shi Xi had agreed.

Shi Xi could not refuse at all and allowed Mother Shi to arrange it.

At the end, Shi Xi thought of something and said, “Ning Yu and I have the same birthday.

Lets celebrate our birthday together that day.”

Mother Shi paused.

“Dont worry, Mom will order a big birthday cake for you guys!”

After hanging up, Shi Xi thought of the plot.


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