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At this moment, Shi Xi was eating fruits after dinner.

“Oh, this grape is really sweet!”

Yun Guanghe: “This mangosteen is delicious.

Try it.”

Shi Xi: “Peel it for me.”

Yun Guanghe: “…”


Xie Yunzhou was paying attention to Shi Xis situation.

When he saw Shi Xis fan group discussing the matter ofShi Xi is very poor, he was deep in thought.

Thats right, Shi Xi had been chased out by the Shi family.

No wonder she went to the entertainment industry to film.

It turned out that she had no money.

If that was the case, what was she going to do

Xie Yunzhou pondered as he called Shi Xi directly.

At this moment, Shi Xi was eating dessert.

“This vanilla puff is crisp and sweet.

This is the first time Ive eaten such a delicious puff!”

Yun Guanghe ate one in two or three bites and nodded.

“As expected of a five-star restaurant.

Even the desserts are so delicious.”

Wen Yao looked at the two of them and smiled.

“Its good that you like it.”

Just as Shi Xi was about to continue eating, she heard a special notification on her phone.

Her phone was usually set to vibrate or mute, so she only gave Xie Yunzhou a special notification.

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Oh f*ck, why was the big shot of the villain looking for her at this time

Shi Xi instantly felt a toothache.

“I need to take this call.”

After picking up the phone, Shi Xi asked softly, “Whats wrong”

Xie Yunzhou asked bluntly, “Where are you”

Shi Xi replied, “Im eating at Crane Pavilion.”

Crane Pavilion was a famous five-star restaurant in Feng City.

The food was delicious and expensive.

Xie Yunzhou, who was about to console Shi Xi, was speechless.

Shi Xi asked, “Why are you looking for me”

The girls voice was sweet and soft.

It didnt sound like she had been wronged at all.

Xie Yunzhou asked uncertainly, “Where are you staying now”

Shi Xi replied, “A hotel.”

She had always been staying at a hotel next to the production team.

Didnt Xie Yunzhou know about it

Not only did he know, he had even taken her to eat.

Why was it that the villains memory had dementia at such a young age

Xie Yunzhou thought of the rumor that Shi Xi had been chased out by the Shi family and asked, “Youre not staying at the Shi family anymore”

“Uh, not for the time being,” Shi Xi replied vaguely.

She did not really want to meet the female lead.

But when Xie Yunzhou heard it, he thought that Shi Xi wanted to go back but could not.

How tragic.

Xie Yunzhou: “I got it.

You can continue eating.”

Shi Xi: “”

What did you know Ah

Shi Xi was baffled.

Why was Xie Yunzhou calling

Was it to ask about something he already knew

Really Did he have Alzheimers disease this early on

Yun Guanghe, who was picking his teeth by the window, said in surprise, “Eh Is that a real crane Theres even an after-dinner performance!”

Shi Xi immediately threw Xie Yunzhou to the back of her mind.

She walked up and asked, “Where Where I havent seen a real crane yet!”

On the other side.

After Xie Yunzhou hung up the phone, he called his assistant in.

“I remember that someone wants to sell a house in East Lake Villa.

Go buy it and give it to Shi Xi.”

The assistants mouth was wide open, but he could not come back to his senses.

Were all the domineering presidents nowadays so generous with gifts

They just gave her a house

And it was from East Lake Villa!!

The assistant felt bitter in his heart.

“Alright, Ill do it right away.”

Xie Yunzhou thought that Shi Xi might not accept it, so he said, “If she doesnt want it, you can say that this is to repay her for saving her life.”

The assistant thought to himself,Miss Shi only helped you up! Your ribs werent even broken!! How could it be considered a life-saving grace!

He was so envious, he wanted it too.

Sob, sob, sob, sob.

The assistant walked out of the office with a sour heart, tears streaming down his face.


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