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In the end, under Wen Yaos strong insistence, she still paid the bill.

Yun Guanghes male chauvinism swayed in his heart, and he decided to invite her back the next time.

Just as the few of them were having a meal together, the netizens finally confirmed Shi Xis clothes.


Today, Shi Xi walked the red carpet wearing Pilots new style.

The price is 7,999 yuan.]

[Oh my god, she cant borrow any clothes, so she just bought a dress]

[Su Qi


Yun Guanghe nodded.

“Yes, yes, yes! Wen Yao spent a lot this time!”


Ning Yu, who was playing a game, saw that the world was discussing Shi Xi and took a few more glances.

[Is this Shi Xis first time attending a gala She just casually wore a dress and went on stage.

Its so embarrassing.]

[She probably doesnt have any money.

Its really embarrassing to be stripped out and wear a 7K dress.]

Ning Yu scrolled through the news and got a general idea of the situation.

Before the game started, Ning Yu took out her phone and transferred some money to Shi Xi.

Shi Xi, who was drinking fish soup, said, “Its so fresh.

It looks like it was just fished out from the river!”

Wen Yao said, “Its freshly killed fish.

They just picked it out.”

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Yun Guanghe began to drink the second bowl of fish soup.


Shi Xu had just finished a days work and was about to get off work when he saw his assistant come in with a troubled expression and report the situation.

Shi Xu frowned slightly.

“Transfer 5 million yuan to Xi Xis account and send the clothes for the current season over.”

Assistant: “Yes.”


Sheng Yan saw Shi Xis name flash across the WeChat group that he blocked the messages to and could not help but open it to take a look.

After knowing the ins and outs of the matter, Sheng Yan had the expression of an old man looking at his phone.

How did this guy end up in such a miserable state

Although he didnt like Shi Xi, Shi Xi still had the title of his fiancée.

He couldnt let Shi Xi lose face, could he

Sheng Yan transferred some money to Shi Xi and sent a message to Shi Xi: [Next time you go to Sheng Shi to buy jewelry, Ill give you a 50% discount.]

After a while, he didnt receive a reply from Shi Xi.

Sheng Yan sent another message: [If you really have no money, put it on my tab.]



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