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Shi Xi entered the venue and found her seat.

Fifth row.

Very good, its an inconspicuous place.

After Shi Xi sat down, she found that she was surrounded by young actors and a few male and female groups, handsome men and beautiful women, very pleasing to the eye.

It was really beautiful.

Male and female stars walked onto the red carpet in an endless stream.

When Wen Yao appeared wearing the CL familys Super Season high-quality Gradual Starry Sky dress, many people exclaimed in low voices.

It must be known that there were not many second-rate female stars who could borrow high-quality dresses, and even fewer could borrow a Super Season high-quality dress.

This type of Super Season high-quality Gradual Starry Sky dress was usually only lent to first-rate female stars.

Who would have thought that Wen Yao would actually wear it

Everyone had different expressions.

On Weibo, the hashtag #WenYaoSuperSeasonHighQuality# had already become a hot topic.

[Who is this She actually wore the CL familys Super Season high quality dress I remember that her clothes were still overseas last week]

[How rich.

Many A-List celebrities wear clothes that are not as rich as hers.]

[Shes the female lead of [The Overbearing School Bully Falls In Love With Me], Wen Yao, right I remember that the female supporting role is Shi Xi.

This drama is really filled with experts.

Im looking forward to it.]

[Im really looking forward to it.

Who is the one who made these two women jealous Im really jealous!]

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At the same time, the topic of the #SchoolBelleShiXi# also became a hot topic.

A bunch of fashion bloggers was trying to figure out which gown Shi Xi was wearing.

[D*mn, Ive already flipped through the information for 2017, But I still cant find out who made the gown Shi Xi Xi is wearing.]

[It should be the super-season high order, right Maybe its not a big brand It really looks good!]

[Could it be this I think Ive seen it in the mall before (picture)]

Finally, someone took out Shi Xis clothes, but it was quickly denied.

[Impossible, the details dont match.]

[At least its the Starlight Gala, Shi Xi cant just wear a random dress.

Let me look at the Japanese and Korean niche brands.]

[But the stream is so beautiful, and the new hair color is so beautiful! I love you!]

Mom powder rally.

At the same time, the major fashion bloggers were about to dig out their brains, comparing each high-order dress.

She just didnt want to believe that Shi Xi was wearing a 7,000 yuan dress.

And CLs fashion director was also stunned.

She clearly put the Gradual Starry Sky dress out for Shi Xi, the result was that Wen Yao was wearing it

F*ck, what happened!


The Starlight Awards ceremony was broadcast live, and there was a lot of commotion on the internet.

Shi Xi, who could not play with her phone, was completely unaware of this.

She only felt that the beauties in front of her were as numerous as the clouds, and she could not bear to look at them.

Previously, she had thought that it was too boring to come and applaud, but now, Shi Xi could only hate herself for not bringing a camera to take photos.

The system could not bear to look at it anymore.

[If you want to see a beauty, why dont you look in the mirror]

Shi Xi sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Are you praising me”

System: [Im just telling the truth.]

Shi Xi sighed.

“Its a pity that there arent many people as honest as you.”

System: “”

It really wanted to take back what it had just said.

Shi Xi sighed once again.

“Im so envious of you guys being able to see my beauty every day.”

System: “…”

Shi Xi: “System, why arent you saying anything”

System: “…”

Shi Xi probed, “Are you there”

System: “…”

Shi Xi: “Oh right, whats your name”

System: [After work hours, please do not disturb.]

Shi Xi: “!!!”

“Heh, today youre ignoring my love, tomorrow Ill ignore your love.” Shi Xi snorted.

System: [Today Ill make you unworthy, tomorrow Ill ignore your love, and the day after tomorrow Ill make you sink into the river and feed the fish.]

Shi Xi: “”

Just as everyone was chatting, the award ceremony finally began, announcing the candidates and announcing the winners.


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