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When Shi Xi got out of the nanny van, the flash was aimed at her, and the camera kept taking pictures.

Everyone couldnt help but sigh.

Her beauty, which had gained eight million followers overnight, was really not just a façade.

Shi Xis mermaid make-up at that time had directly caught the attention of all the fake make-up videos on various video websites.

One after another, mermaid make-up was released, and the green contact lenses that had never been able to sell were sold out.

Even the major beauty and hair salons had more customers who dyed their hair green.

But today, the girl was only wearing a pure white dress, which made her look pure and innocent.

She was like a high school belle who had just come out of school.

Her eyebrows were curved, and her skin was whiter than snow.

Her black eyes seemed to contain thousands of stars.

The make-up that she had put on for the whole day was not obvious.

Instead, it made people feel that she was only wearing light make-up.

Her long hair was scattered, and it was stuck in a pearl hairpin.

She looked elegant and gentle.

Shi Xi walked directly onto the red carpet, and the reporters beside her kept filming.

She was beautiful from all 720 degrees with no blind spots.

Her every move was elegant and moving, and her every frown and smile was charming and generous.

The netizens who were watching the live broadcast were also crazy with envy.

[She is simply a beautiful school belle who has grown on my aesthetic point!]

[Theres a hook in her eyes, right Its stealing my soul away.]

[D*mn, how did she do it with her own filter Her skin is the best and most natural in this scene.]

[Isnt this the sweet school belle Im looking forward to Shi Xi Xis [The Overbearing School Bully Fell In Love With Me].]

[What show]

[Hahaha, the title of [The Overbearing School Bully Fell In Love With Me] really brings one back to the middle school days.

Shes both a middle-schooler and a sand sculpture.]

The netizens were taking screenshots and chatting with great interest.

PLease reading on Myb o x no ve l.


Meanwhile, the fashion blogger started to strip Shi Xi of the dress she was wearing.

Which familys dress was it from

[Ive seen a few new products, but none of them seem to be from the same family.]

[It should be from the Super Season, right The school belle is a fair, rich, and beautiful girl.

She doesnt lack this little bit of money.]


Shi Xi walked to the huge poster and signed her name.

When the host saw Shi Xi, the amazement in his eyes did not fade away.

“I heard that Shi Xi has been on the set recently”

Shi Xi nodded and started to promote her new drama.

“I hope that everyone will pay more attention to the [The Overbearing School Bully Fell In Love With Me] that is currently being filmed.”

Bullet comments: [I will definitely pay more attention to it!!!]

[Hurry up and finish filming and release it quickly! The members are all ready!]

[Im going to die today because of my sisters beauty.]

The host asked obediently, “What kind of role does Shi Xi play in the drama Can you tell us about it”

Shi Xi: “I play the role of the school belle with malicious intentions.

I create trouble for the male and female leads in the drama and add fuel to their love.”

The host could not help but say, “For a beautiful school belle like you, the male lead should like you.”

Shi Xi coughed.

“You still have to pay attention to inner beauty.” Hey, you only asked two questions on the script! You should invite me down!

The host asked again, “Did Shi Xi ever think of acting in a period drama”

Shi Xi said, “If a director asks me to audition, I will try my best.” The fourth question was, did the people behind her still have enough time to walk the red carpet

The host continued to dig a hole.

“At that time, does Shi Xi have any roles that she wants to experience Do you want to act in a period drama or a modern drama”

Shi Xi said, “I think its better to look at the script.” There was also the director.

If they didnt ask her, why would she act

The host seemed to have realized the problem of time.

He smiled and said, “Alright, then lets invite Shi Xi to enter the venue first.

Thank you.”

Shi Xi breathed a sigh of relief, put the microphone back, and walked into the venue.


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