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“Hows the search for the dress going” Han Chuan asked.

Shi Xi looked around and pointed at a bag on the ground.

“Its already here.

Its that one.”

Han Chuan got up to get the clothes and asked, “What kind of clothes”

Shi Xi said, “It seems to be CLs clothes Their director said that I would definitely like it.

I havent tried it yet.”

Han Chuans expression changed unpredictably.

“CLs director Who”

Shi Xi thought of the name.

“I think her name is Yvette I dont remember her name, but shes mentioned that shes CLs director.”

Han Chuan thought that it was great to be rich, as the director had directly delivered the clothes to her doorstep.

How was it like when he was bringing other artists along They were all begging these brands to collect the clothes, looking at the colors of this and that.

As he was thinking, Han Chuan took out the clothes.

“Hiss — its CLs Super Season high-quality Gradual Starry Sky dress.” Han Chuan said in surprise, “You can even borrow this”

Shi Xi was still sitting on the sofa.

When he wasnt paying attention, she ate a puff.

“I didnt borrow it, I bought it.”

Han Chuan thought of Shi Xis rich daughter setting again.

He really couldnt accept it.

What was this girl doing in the entertainment industry

However, wasnt Shi Xi the fake daughter of the Shi family

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Han Chuan carefully put the clothes back and said, “Alright, be careful.

Dont get fat and not be able to wear a gown.”

Shi Xi took the opportunity to eat another puff while he put the clothes back.

“Its okay.

If I cant wear it, they can come over to change the clothes.”

Han Chuan expressionlessly took the rest of the puffs away and said, “Remember to apply a facial mask.

Remember to use the other skincare products!”

Shi Xi: “Ill definitely remember to use them!”

Han Chuan: “Go and apply a facial mask now.”

Shi Xi: “…”

After Shi Xi applied the facial mask, Han Chuan left unsatisfied.

He came over in the middle of the night to make sure that Shi Xis gown would not clash with other peoples.

If she was wearing a gown that other female stars had worn before, it would also clash with the gown, making it easy for others to compare.


The next day, when she arrived at the set, Wen Yao went to Shi Xis side and asked, “Xi Xi, what gown are you wearing for that day”

Shi XI: “Gown”

Why was everyone so concerned about her gown

“Its the gown for the Starlight Gala.

I wanted to ask about your gown to prevent the gown from colliding.” Wen Yao was playing the role of the silly and sweet female lead from a distance, in reality, she wasnt arrogant.

When she smiled, she was warm and amiable.

“My manager helped me borrow the Gu familys high-cut dress.

Its this one.”

Wen Yao even took out her phone and showed Shi Xi the photo.

It was the Gu familys high-cut dress of the current season.

It was a pure white low-cut dress that was elegant and graceful.

Shi XI said, “My gown is the CLs Gradual Starry Sky dress.

It wont clash.”

Everyones clothes were all fixed and they rarely wore the same outfit.

Wen Yao came over only to ask if they were of the same type or color.

The two of them were now on the same production team.

It was very easy for outsiders to compare them and stir up trouble.

After knowing that there was nothing similar between Shi Xis and her gown, Wen Yao went back to discuss with her manager.

Wen Yao could be considered a B-List starlet now.

She was slightly famous, but not that famous.

Therefore, Wen Yao was very concerned about this Starlight Award.

As long as she could win the award, her career in the entertainment industry would rise to another level.

On the other hand, Shi Xi knew that she was just going to applaud, so she did not take the red carpet to heart anymore.

According to Han Chuan, she was just going to brush her face, show off her dress, and then sit in her seat and applaud for others.

Life was not easy.

Shi Xi looked at the script in front of her and continued to memorize it.


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