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By the time Ning Yu left, everyones expressions were filled with emotions.

Shi Xi walked forward and closed the music box.

Leng Qiankun slammed the card table heavily, causing the stack of chips on the table to fall to the ground.

This time, even Tao Yuxuan did not dare to speak.

The others wanted to leave but did not dare to speak.

They could only look at Shi Xi as if they were asking for help.

Shi Xi said helplessly, “Lets disperse for today.

Ill make it up for everyone next time.”

This voice was like a heavenly voice, saving everyone from suffering.

However, Leng Qiankun said, “Since were already here, lets not do it again.”

His welcoming banquet had been pushed from yesterday to today, and it was still in such a state today.

Everyone stopped in their tracks again.

Shi Xi looked at Leng Qiankun.

“I have something to say to you.”

Leng Qiankun pursed his lips and sat back down.

He turned his head around.

Tao Yuxuan waved her hand, telling the others to leave quickly.

Everyone hurriedly ran away, afraid that if they were a second late, they would not be able to escape.

Shi Xi sat opposite him and asked, “You set up a trap today to win Ning Yus money”

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Although it was a question, Shi Xi used an affirmative tone.

Leng Qiankun said angrily, “If she dares to bully you, I will not let her have it easy!”

Shi Xi looked at Tao Yuxuan.

“I remember that I told you that Ning Yu didnt bully me.

I told you not to target her.”

The girls tone was calm, and her eyes were different from before.

“I told Leng Qiankun…” Tao Yuxuan felt as if she had been taught a lesson for doing something wrong.

“One should take responsibility for what one does.

This time, I underestimated Ning Yu.

I admit defeat.” Leng Qiankuns eyes were fierce.

“I will never let her off next time!”

Shi Xi leaned against the back of her chair and played with the music box.

She didnt expect Ning Yu to send a music box over.

Shi Xi flipped through the music box and saw the price tag below.

598 yuan.

Such a broken music box still cost 600 yuan

How many times could she eat spicy hotpot

“Shi Xi Xi, are you worried about me” Leng Qiankun had already walked out of the dilemma of losing money.

He had only lost 5 million yuan, which was not much to him.

What he cared about was losing face in front of Shi Xi.

However, if he could make Shi Xi worry about him, Leng Qiankun felt that losing money was nothing.

“No, Im worried about Ning Yu.” Shi Xi raised her eyes and said seriously, “I dont know what kind of rumors are spreading outside, but Ning Yu and I have never bullied each other.

“I hope that you guys dont use the banner ofstanding up for me to do something that makes me unhappy.”

At this point, Shi Xi looked at Tao Yuxuan again.

She would never believe that Tao Yuxuan did not interfere in todays matter!

These two people have always been good partners foryou to kill and set fire to others while I destroy the evidence.


The true cannon fodder duo.

“Well, I havent done anything recently.” Tao Yuxuan looked away guiltily.

She was the one who had tricked Ning Yu into coming here today.

Shi Xi looked at Leng Qiankun again.

Leng Qiankun lowered his eyes.

When he raised his head again, a sinister look appeared in his eyes.

“But I cant tolerate you being bullied by others! If it werent for her, you would still be the heiress of the Shi family! You would still be the princess in everyones hearts!”

“…Wake up, youll die before your time is up.” Shi Xi had been a chuunibyou for a long time.

If it werent for the fact that they were both supporting characters, she wouldnt have wasted her breath.

“But what I want has never been these illusory identities and flattery.” Shi Xi chuckled, her eyes shining with a brilliant light.

“Im not the true daughter of the Shi family, Im not as perfect as you think.

My personality is spoiled, Im greedy, afraid of trouble, and my personality is cold.”

The girls voice was sweet and soft.

When she spoke of her weaknesses, it was as if she was calmly narrating someone else.

Shi Xi tilted her head and smiled.

“Losing the identity of the Shi familys daughter doesnt affect me much.”

“Theopinions of others andShi Xis downfall that you all care about are worthless in my eyes.”

“What I want in my heart is to live a free and happy life so that the people around me can be happy.”

“I dont want to be a puppet.”


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