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Shi Xi did not feel sorry for Leng Qiankun at all.

Since he dared to set a trap for the female protagonist, he should be prepared to be taught a lesson.

As for the relationship between the original owner and Leng Qiankun, it was worthless to her.

Shi Xi did not try to persuade him, but Tao Yuxuan did.

“Leng Qiankun, Xi Xi will be leaving soon.

Do you think playing cards or accompanying Xi Xi is more important”

Leng Qiankun looked at Shi Xi and saw that there was no disdain in her eyes.

He then walked out of his gambling state.

“Im sorry, Shi Xi Xi.

Ive made a fool of myself.”

He was still winning money at the beginning and was still able to control the game.

But later on, it was as if he had fallen into a whirlpool of h*ll and was unable to walk out.

He had wanted to vent his anger for Shi Xi, but he had become a joke.

Shi Xi: “…I just arrived and didnt see anything.”

What a joke.

What did she do wrong

Tao Yuxuan used this as a ladder and hurriedly said, “Its nothing.

Lets sing!”

Ning Yu picked up a chip and knocked on the table, reminding him, “I hope Mr.

Leng doesnt forget to pay the money you lost.”

Someone immediately said, “Its just for fun.

Ning Yu, dont go too far!”

“Oh If I lose, will you ask me for money” Ning Yus eyes were filled with disdain.

“Or do you guys often use a few million to play”

Leng Qiankun gritted his teeth.

“Dont worry, Ill give you every cent I lost!”

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“Everyone is here to welcome Leng Qiankun.

Lets forget about what happened just now.” Tao Yuxuan and Leng Qiankun were good friends, so she naturally spoke up for Leng Qiankun,

Ning Yu smiled.

“You said you were going to forget about it so easily, but it cost me 5 million.”

Tao Yuxuan straightened her back with Shi Xi by her side.

“Ning Yu, you just returned to the Shi family.

Theres no need for you to make enemies with so many people, right Arent you afraid that the Shi family will hate you If it were Shi Xi, she would never take this money.”

Another person stood out and seemed to be upholding justice.

“Why dont we just pay Miss Ning Yu 1 million based on the money we lost at the beginning”

They were all speaking up for Leng Qiankun.

Ning Yu sat in front of the mahjong table calmly with a faint smile on her face, but her eyes were dark and cold.

This group of people really wanted to bully her alone!

Ning Yu was about to say something when she suddenly saw Shi Xi and asked, “Shi Xi, if you won 5 million dollars, would you also forget about it”

For a moment, everyones eyes fell on Shi Xi.

Ning Yu looked at Shi Xi leisurely.

It wasnt that she lacked 5 million, but she didnt want to go along with these peoples wishes.

She would be even more satisfied if she could make them spend some money and teach them a lesson.

No one wanted to be disturbed all day long.

Tao Yuxuan tugged at Shi Xis sleeve, motioning for her to speak up for Leng Qiankun.

Shi Xi sighed in her heart.

She did not want to put in a good word for Leng Qiankun at all!

Looking at the situation, she knew that Leng Qiankun deserved it.

“Ahem.” Shi Xi looked up and smiled faintly.

“Sister Ning Yu, for my sake, how about a 20% discount”

Everyone: !!

Why wasnt Shi Xi shouting at Ning Yu!

Was she doing taichi–

A 20% discount!

A 20% discount for 5 million, 4 million.

That was not a small amount!

Most of the people present could fork out 4 million yuan, but no one was willing to spend it in vain.

Ning Yu did not expect to hear such an answer.

Her mood instantly brightened.

“Sure, lets call it 4 million yuan.


Leng, how will you pay Will it be a check or a transfer”

Leng Qiankun wrote a check expressionlessly and said, “5 million yuan.

Theres no need for a discount.”

Ning Yu took the check and looked at the amount on it.

She smiled and said, “By the way, I heard that today is your welcoming banquet.

I even bought a gift for you.”

As she spoke, Ning Yu opened the bag she brought with her.

Inside was a golden music box.

“Thank you.” It was not easy for Leng Qiankun to remain calm and thank her.

“I heard this song and thought it was very auspicious, so I wanted to give it to you.” When Ning Yu smiled, the distance between them became much closer.

Shi Xi, who was not far away, felt that something was not right.

Ning Yu opened the music box.

The lucky cat in the music box began to spin, and then music began to play:

“I congratulate you on becoming rich!”

“I congratulate you on being wonderful!

“Please invite the best over…”



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