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Shi Xi had nothing to say about the systems silence.

This was probably the system.

After filming the whole day and accompanying Xie Yunzhou at night, Shi Xi was already very tired and went to bed.

After a day of sleepiness, Shi Xi had a dream at night.

She dreamed that she was taken to a luxurious yacht.

The sea breeze blew, and the stars twinkled.

She was not in the mood to appreciate these things.

The man not far away just waved his hand casually, and his men walked over and threw her into the sea.

Shi Xi opened her eyes, as if she could still feel the helplessness in the dream.

It was just a dream.

Besides, the plot point of sinking the river to feed the fish had not arrived yet.

Shi Xi washed up listlessly and went to the production team.

Her life on the set was more interesting and lively than being in contact with the people in the main group — mainly, to be alive.

When she was with the main group, she felt that she would feed the fish in the next second.

After work, Shi Xi was very tired and took a taxi to Mei Ye.

If possible, she really wanted to go back to the hotel and lie down.

She did not want to go to Mei Ye to welcome Leng Qiankun.

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She was afraid that she would have a stroke.

On the way, Shi Xi received a WeChat message from Tao Yuxuan.

Tao Yuxuan: [F*ck, when are you coming We have a match here!]

Shi Xi: []

Tao Yuxuan: [Leng Qiankun and Ning Yu are playing cards.]

Shi Xi: []

Tao Yuxuan directly recorded a video and sent it over.

They had already arrived at Mei Yes private room and were playing in twos and threes.

After Leng Qiankun saw Ning Yu, he said a few words, and the two of them began to play cards.

Shi Xi: [Any bets]

Tao Yuxuan: [100,000 yuan per round.

Ning Yu has already lost 500,000 yuan.]

Shi Xi opened the video again and looked at Ning Yu in the video.

Ning Yus appearance was extremely clear, like a snow lotus on an iceberg.

It made one want to get close, but not dare to touch it.

It was as if you would get hurt by her and freeze your hands.

Ning Yu was playing cards with Leng Qiankun at the moment.

The chips in front of her had been removed layer by layer.

Tao Yuxuan sent another message, reporting their battle results: [Ning Yu lost another 200,000!]

Tao Yuxuan sighed: [Your parents gave her a lot of money!]

Shi Xi corrected: [Those are her biological parents.]

Tao Yuxuan: [Hurry up and come, dont miss the good show! I think Ning Yu is about to cry from losing.

Leng Qiankun is really impatient.

He actually started the game without waiting for you.]

Shi Xi thought to herself,The good show hasnt started yet.

‘How can the female lead lose money

‘What a pity for this bunch of cannon fodder.

I hope that when I arrive, you guys will still be smiling.

This was the first time Shi Xi wanted to rush to the female leads side to see how she would slap others faces.

However, she was too late.

Shi Xi stepped into the seductive private room and noticed that the room was very quiet.

Everyone was holding their breaths, afraid that they would make a ruckus.

Among the silence, Shi Xis footsteps were especially obvious.

Everyone looked over.

Shi Xi was already used to being stared at by others.

At this moment, she only smiled and said apologetically, “Sorry, there was a bit of traffic on the road.

Im late.”

“Its not late, its not late.

Weve only just arrived.” Tao Yuxuan hurriedly livened up the atmosphere and said, “Oh right, shall we sing Or play dice”

The others also chimed in at the same time.

“Ill order some songs.

What do you guys want to sing”

“Ill go and order some wine.”

“Ill go and smoke a cigarette.”


In the midst of this chaos, Ning Yu, who was sitting in front of the card table, shattered these fake excuses with her faint voice.

“Oh You dont want to continue playing cards”

The girls voice was cold.

Although there was a faint smile on her face, that smile did not reach her eyes.

It was like a snow lotus blooming on an ice cliff.

“Continue, continue.” Leng Qiankun gritted his teeth and said these two words.

Ning Yu slightly raised her long eyelashes and threw the cards in her hand back.

She said, “But you have no more chips.”

Everyones eyes fell on the card table.

The two of them had a few stacks of chips each, but now, they were all in front of Ning Yu.

Even Shi Xi, who had just arrived, could tell that Ning Yu had won a big victory.

The female lead!!

“Lets not continue.

Shi Xi is here.

Lets go sing,” someone advised.

Tao Yuxuan also said, “Yeah, its rare for Xi Xi to come out.

Lets not play cards anymore.”

Ning Yu leaned against the back of the chair, her eyes shallow.

“Ill do whatever I want.”

Anyway, the person who wanted to teach her a lesson had already lost all his chips.

“Go get more chips!” Leng Qiankuns eyes were dark.

He had never lost so miserably before!

He wanted to win it back!

“Xi Xi, persuade Leng Qiankun.

Hes been losing.” Tao Yuxuan walked to Shi Xis side and whispered to her about the situation just now.

Shi Xi sighed.

“I cant talk him out of this.”

Shi Xi thought to herself:Fight! Fight!


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