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Xie Yunzhous heart was filled with Shi Xi.

He did not care about the way the doctor addressed him and asked, “How is she now”

“Just hang the IV.

Dont eat anything recklessly in the future,” the doctor reminded him.

“Remember to pay the money.”

Xie Yunzhou went to pay the medical fees and returned to the ward.

Shi Xi was half lying on the hospital bed.

Her complexion was much better than before.

Seeing Xie Yunzhou come in, Shi Xi said embarrassedly, “Im sorry.

I didnt expect that I couldnt eat spicy food.”

She even got herself into the hospital.

Xie Yunzhou no longer had the energy to be angry.

He said, “I cant eat spicy food either.”

Shi Xi: “…”

So Xie Yunzhou was just showing off just now, right!

“Are you hungry” Shi Xi suddenly asked.

The two of them had ordered so many things just now, but almost none of them had eaten.

“What do you want to eat” Xie Yunzhou asked.


Just as Shi Xi was about to order, Xie Yunzhou interrupted her.

“Ill ask the doctor what you can eat.”

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Shi Xi: “”

She didnt want to eat the nutritious and tasteless food recommended by the doctor!

However, this was not something she could decide.

Half an hour later, the food from Qingshui Restaurant was packed and sent over.

It was either stir-fried or sweet and sour.

Shi Xi ate sweet and sour fish while thinking about her spicy hotpot.

As expected, nothing good happened when she was with the villain!

After the two bags were hung up, Shi Xi had recovered most of her strength.

“Ill send you back to the hotel.” Xie Yunzhou looked at the girl in front of him and asked, “Can you stand up”

Shi Xis face turned slightly red.

“Yes, it doesnt hurt anymore.”

When her stomach started to hurt, Xie Yunzhou was the one who carried her directly into the car.

After she was sent to the hospital, Xie Yunzhou was the one who carried her all the way to the emergency room.

Although Xie Yunzhous body smelled quite nice…

But she had legs, so she could walk on her own!

Shi Xi got down from the hospital bed.

Just as she was about to get up, her legs went soft and she fell into Xie Yunzhous arms.

Xie Yunzhou was helpless and carried her in his arms.

“If you cant do it, then so be it.

Ill carry you out.”

It wasnt like he couldnt carry her.

The girl was so light.

She should eat more.

After sending Shi Xi back to the hotel, Xie Yunzhou sent her back to her room before he left with peace of mind.

It was only after Xie Yunzhou left that the system appeared.

[You and Xie Yunzhou are quite close!]

“I saved him once, and he saved me once.

Lets call it even.” Shi Xi thought that if she had ordered takeout and eaten in the hotel room, no one would have noticed her even if she died.

Oh right, she still had the system, so she could still make calls.

However, the system said, [He even sent you to bed.

This doesnt seem like a normal friend.]

Shi XI: “Do you have any friends Do you know what normal friends do”

The system said stubbornly: [Of course I have friends!]

“Oh Is it some female main quest system Or is it a male secondary quest system” Shi Xi took the opportunity to ask.

The system calmed down.

[Dont even think about getting information from me! Do your own thing, I naturally have a way to protect you from being fed to the fish.]

Shi Xi followed the systems train of thought and said in horror: “Dont tell me you want me to seduce Xie Yunzhou so that he wont be willing to kill me”

System: [Thats not a bad idea.

Its just that we dont know how to seduce him, so we can only follow the system.]

Shi Xi sucked in a breath of cold air.

“No! I dont want to be with the person who wants to kill me!”

She would never like that villain, Xie Yunzhou, who loved to feed people to the fish!

System: [Dont worry, Im an upright system, I wont betray you.]

Shi Xi: “Really”

The system was silent.

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